Monday, January 12, 2009

quick update!

ok explain to the person (which is a fren of mine) why was my blog mostly in BI..actually its not bcoz i am very the mat saleh 1 ok!..which dont like to story in BM (in fact, my english is not that good to be proud of)..its just the matter of practicing..i am practice to improve my english to be as good as others..but sumtime if 'u' notice i am mixed my language..(hheheh..BM is bahasa ibundaku..of course i wont forget it) and thats y the result -> = ROJAK..but since this is my je la..sukati gue lerrrr...anyway..thanks to the pengkritik (xsangka plak sampai bahasa yg digunakan pn kena kritik..ekekekek) but its ok..i accept it sincerely from the bottom of my heart..cewwahhh.. (ye least i know tht i hv a reader and surprisingly she is a caring reader of mine..thanx a lot! :D)
2ndly..quick update .. (as per title) hubby just having a check up wth his lovely doctor (muahahhaa:D) and the result was -> the doctor asked hubby to stop taking the high blood pressure medicine and reduce another half part of prednisilone..which was 1 tablet instead of 1 1/2 tablets b4...phewww...***big relief..Alhamdulillah..times running away and the medicine flying away...(cam peribahasa jek bunyinya :D) more high blood pressure problem..skang ni darah rendah la..he is consuming HERBALIFE (which help to maintain his blod pressure) and at the same time taking the high blood pressure of course the blood pressure will drop down drastically..(just like people with NO high lood pressure but consume the high blood pressure medicine)...hopefully the good condition of him will be forever n ever...insyaAllah and Alhamdulillah..thanx to Allah to permits those things happen :)
p/s: to hubby..keep up ur good health k..dont miss the HERBALIFE..keep shaking (the herbalife ok..)
last but not least..updates on my fren (A bkn nama sebenar ..hahaha..mcm dlm paper tu ..real name wont be revealed..:D) condition which consume HERBALIFE too..she has a chronic hormon problem.. shes getting married..thats lead to the decision to consume HERBALIFE (all this happen after she read my blog and wth 1 quick call, ive expalined to her everything and ..thanx to her jgk..sbb sudi gk baca blog aku nih:) xsia2 i wrote about HERBALIFE and my experience consuming glad to share those good info wth the readers out there..yg baik elokla dihebahkan..same goes to the knowledge..xbaik kedekut ilmu ;) anyway..back to the story..and ive been told, her condition shows good improvement as a need to reveal everything in details laa....but seriously i am happy on her behalf..keep it up fren :)
so thats all mentioned before, currently (at the end of the smeester..) i am the bz-est person in the world...huhuhu...exam! assignment! project! presentation...huhu..tulun tulun..
dh settle sume nnti i'll update yek..byk nak story morry ni..and for the 1st time i nak reveal my latest photo (which most of my fren waiting for) ..results after the HERBALIFE :) tungguuuuuuu!!..


FiEd said...

la sebok je org nk komen2 blog ko..
sukatiler kan??


chewah.. nak reveal lps guna herbalife?


Winn said...

practice makes perfect!diorang tak faham ke?aaaah,mula la aku nak maki org dlm bahasa tionghua nih.

Suziey Ahmad said...

fied: hehehe..xpela..take it positip..mgkin dia seorang pencinta bahasa melayu..
tula..mcm dasat jek nak reveal2..ekekek

wei rindu banget sama kamu.dh lama aqeel xjmpe syaza.

Suziey Ahmad said...

ezwin: ko pass x exam bahasa tionghua;p semakin lucu ezwin yg kukenali..dia dh pandai marah skang..good improvement:D

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