Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kimball spaghetti and macaroni


i noticed that aQeel likes to eat the famous Italian food which is spaghetti..actually i noticed that accidentally when after a while im not cooking spaghetti and any types of pasta..when the day i am cooking it, aQeel finished a big plate and request another that's surprise..if im not mistaken, he refused to eat it becoz of the sourness taste.. but it was sometimes ago..he changes a lot now..

since then, i'll ensure the stock will be sufficient all the time..just in case i hv no idea what to feeds him..hahahhha..

 ~all this while i only could find Kimball spaghetti...but today, i found Kimball macaroni..hope and waiting for Kimball fettuccine.and 1st thing came out frm my mind was cheesy macaroni.. ;)~

~another new delicia product by it new? i would say another type..instead of slices butterscotch, now we can have it in an individual packaging..convenience for children especially..~

have a nice weekend readers ^_^


Anil said...

lama gila tinggalkan dunia blog ni.. tak sangka dh bertambah maju kwn blogku ini.. :D

nad said...

Zakwan tetap cari roti canai huhu

Hepi wiken suziey!

mama_umar_maryam said...

wahh sedap tu roti krim butterscotch!! anak2 aku pon suke sapgeti

mama tisya said...

tisya kalo spaghetti mesti prego cabonara je...macaroni die tk brp tp mkn gk la..oh roti tu baru cz ada aku tgk rmi yg blogger update..aku pn tk tgk lg kt kedai

A.H.A.D said...

eh samala husband k.gee pun baru belikan macaroni kimball. tetiba jer. tak tau pulak ada. selalu beli san remo jer. sos bolognese kimball pun sedap suziey lebih kurang prego gak

Gieyana said...

roti tue menarik lah...nnt leh g cr..:-)

Sidratul Muntaha said...

Anak aku seme belasah tpi meatball spagetti xsuke.ngapo entah..
Roti tu bru dipasaran sbb yg slice laku sgt..kot?!

Zura said...

sedap nye cheese macaroni !!

ALoNa CintamaniszLite said...

suka roti tu dari macaroni, hehe..

Cik Iman said...

sedapnya :D

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