Thursday, January 24, 2013

LIVE frm Hatyai


alhamdulillah...slmt smpai hatyai...ths time landtrip by car...puas jgk la mkn langsat...ekekek...

sedap btl mkn pulut ayam...alhamdulillah rezeki Allah...okla will update later full time! ^_^


~hatyai view frm d balcony~
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

maulud nabi


semua org tau esok Maulud Nabi kan..iaitu hari kelahiran Nabi junjungan kita..jgn hnya ingt esok sbb cuti jek..hehe..anyway..aku just nk share serba sedikit la ilmu yg aku ada ni..walaupn xbyk at least better than nothing omputih kata..ecewah:p

perlu ke sambutan maulidurasul dgn perarakan perbarisan disulami zikrullah? ye berzikir itu amalan yg sgt dituntut sbgai lagu pembasah lidah..spya kita sntiasa mengingati Nabi junjungan kita dan menambahkan kasih kita kepada Baginda..jg sbgai tanda syukur kita kpd Allah di atas sgla rezeki dan nikmat yg dikurniakan..

mslhnya skarang, org kita ni lebih suka mengikut tradisi turun temurun nenek moyang kita dari cuba nk mengamalkan sunnah yg dibawa oleh Rasulullah s.a.w...sedangkan sahabat nabi yg paling hampir dgn beliau pn tidak menymbut kelahiran baginda begini..siapa la kita yg hanya manusia biasa memandai2 nk adakan benda yg tiada..dikhuatiri akn jatuh kpd bida'ah pula...nauzubillah...

adlh mudah bg kita utk tgk bagaimana di Mekah dan Madinah..2 Tanah Suci yang mana disitu lahirnya waris2 nabi junjungan kita..adakah sambutan maulidurrasul dilakukan di sana mcm kita lakukan disini?? xde means bende tu bkn amalan yang sepatutnya dilakukan..dari menyusahkan diri berjalan berarak dan berzikir sekuat hati di tgh panas matahari..adalah baik kita bykkan mengaji dan berzikir di dlm hati...dn lebih baik lagi dilakukan berterusan tanpa ada hari2 tertentu sempena mengingati sesuatu....yg tersembunyi itu kadangkala adalah lebih terkesan dan disukai Allah dan Rasul kita..bknkah itu yg kita nak..keredhaan dan kecintaan dr Allah yg Esa dan Rasul junjungan kita :) 

Jazaakallahu khairan kathira

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

burger bakar marvelous


since im not eating my 'proper meal' @kunang2..on d way back home, hubby bought me a "Burger Bakar"....and..the taste is yummilicious and even the presentation is tempting :)

love to share wth u readers how does it looks like..really really tempting..even if u feel sooo full, by looking at it, trust me, it can make you want to taste it no matter what..hiks ^_^


this is 3 layers special Burger Bakar..and it costs us first i've heard it, i was like.."what!??"..but then..after couples of minute, ouh ok..i can accept it..i know the homemade patties contribute to the high cost..ngeh.ngeh..ngeh :p the cheapest is at RM7.50 for single burger..pheww.. it is ok to buy it once in a while..unless u have a lot of unused money..hehe..

may i ask my readers out there, is the cost standard for this kind of beger bakar? how much does it costs for the super duper special Rawang Burger Bakar? i never try RBB..(secret revealed) huhu..

Monday, January 21, 2013

bad experienced @ kunang-kunang restaurant


last weekend (yesterday actually..ekekek:D) , we went to kunang2 restaurant for's hubby pleasure..somehow rather what we planned is not going as it is..*sigh..

the purpose i'm sharing this just to alert my readers in case u have a plan to go there..i'm not restrict you to go there but i'm advising u and telling u what will going to happen and pls expect that.

~ok..we reached there @9pm wth a GAY (means HAPPY) mood..~

~after 15 minutes, our drinks were served..~

 ~its mine..the RM1 warm water..i can say it is a small size glass..mine is bigger than this tho..~

~still in a good mood despite hungry-ness..grrr...~
~photoshooting activities are still running ;)~
~and also cam-whoring..hikss ^_^ ~
~after 20 minutes..hubby's meal is's our luck becoz the chef is actually cooking for the earlier customer and it was same as what hubby shot serving...~

after 5 minutes, french fries is me n hubby were chit chatting and eating and photoshooting..i realized tht it is now passed 35 minutes and at tht time hubby has finished his meal..and the fries is about to finish too..but where is my meal??? in fact, there are few tables didn't get their orders is pity to saw children lying on the chair and waiting sleepily..and some have slept anyway..

5 minutes later, i couldn't stand anymore and decided to cancel my order..the staff called his manager and we proceed to the cashier counter for payment..and..know what..he not even say SORRY to us! no manners at all..and this is malaysians?? or they just don't bother because we are malaysian too?? if yes..then you had lost 3 customers in a night..

i've been informed that it is new management of Kunang2..they just operate last 2 weeks..and this is how they serve their customer..good job!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kimball spaghetti and macaroni


i noticed that aQeel likes to eat the famous Italian food which is spaghetti..actually i noticed that accidentally when after a while im not cooking spaghetti and any types of pasta..when the day i am cooking it, aQeel finished a big plate and request another that's surprise..if im not mistaken, he refused to eat it becoz of the sourness taste.. but it was sometimes ago..he changes a lot now..

since then, i'll ensure the stock will be sufficient all the time..just in case i hv no idea what to feeds him..hahahhha..

 ~all this while i only could find Kimball spaghetti...but today, i found Kimball macaroni..hope and waiting for Kimball fettuccine.and 1st thing came out frm my mind was cheesy macaroni.. ;)~

~another new delicia product by it new? i would say another type..instead of slices butterscotch, now we can have it in an individual packaging..convenience for children especially..~

have a nice weekend readers ^_^

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

another pink item collection


i am away frm office for 2 days training.yeehaaa..vacationers in da house...ekekek:D

anyway..just to share wth u new collection of pinky item...tadaaaaaa...

when i told hubby to buy a goggle for me..1st option i gave him was i want in a pink color! but im not hopping for it coz i thot it is rare color for a goggle...but surprisingly he managed to get it...yeayyyy....:)

so now swimming is our weekend's activity.. ^_^
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durian crepe


i remember when this durian crepe phenomenon was hot in d market..everywhere ppl will talk about it..and everywhere you can find it easily...nice to see..especially those wth shocking block colors.. :) have you tried strawberry crepe & kiwi crepe? i've tried once.. but seriously i can't go through doesn't suits my for others i have no says :)

  ~even it is easy to do but i prefer to just buying it..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh:p~

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

this is what we called photoshooting


pewitt..after 1 n3 to 1 another..hehe...lets scroll were captured by Sony Cyber-shot RX100..worth investment at regret by letting go my precious DSLR ;)


 ~boy over flower..`hehe ^_^~

 ~on d way back frm Genius Aulad Ihtifal 2012..Putrajaya is not using wide angle is wide angle features ;) ~

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Monday, January 14, 2013

sand art


i've used to heard about arts can make our children think and do things creatively..i am totally agree wth a start, lately whenever i saw there is a sand art booth, i'll make aQeel join it..anyway it is partially arts right? hehe:p deep in my heart, i was thinking to sent aQeel to arts class whereby he can drawing and painting as he likes..perhaps later on..sooner or later at least there is a wish..ngeh ngeh ngeh:p

here u go..aQeel is doing his sand art by himself..

~should reduce aperture opening..over exposed suda...~

actually those activities were done after aQeel's ihtifal was 2 mnths back..hehe..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

bachelor bloggers in da house ^_^


yuhuuuu...girls...we were reunited after 1 year soooo excited..really miss them a lot...but...xckp 1 corum....fida xde..she's at dubai..anyway...we'll reunites again next time after she's back to malaysia :)

here u go our enjoyable moments...layannnnn^_^

me n ayu

nett n amy

ayu me n watie

me wth goodies..thnks ladiessss:)

our watie pnya xsmpai lg...
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n3 posted by aQeel


yes..nmpknya aQeel mula berjinak2 dgn dunia blogging..buktinya..previous n3 posted by him..seb bek kosong..ekekek:p ntah cemana la dia blh buka note aku n touch blogger icon n published..few steps jgk kan..kena buka new post n so on..but he managed to published it...haish..

seriously aku baru tau dia pnya keje ni after received an email update on new n3 was published in SOMETHING...ini lah ank bertuah..:p

hr ni bachelor party..dh lama x gather2 dgn geng bachelor.. bachelor la sangat kannnn ^_^

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

darjah satu?


korang.. korang n korang yg ade ank 6 tahun ths year..korang dh register ke ank korang utk darjah 1 nxt yr???

aku belum lagi!! mode panic aku dh ter-on...aigooo...terkedek2 cari school lg..huhu...aku nk hntr aqeel ke islamic integrated school..tapiiiii sumenye jauh dr kwsn perumahan dan pekerjaan..haishhh...gimanain mau hantarin...aku nk sgt aqeel dpt kuasai bhsa arab..bahasa al-quran kan..kalau dpt jadi tahfiz..ya Allah betapa bertuahnya kami as parents..tiket utk kami ke syurga...amin..tapi i know islamic integrated school is not d only way to that path anyway...smga Allah permudahkan kami..

smga Allah permudahkan korang jgk if korang pn sama kes mcm aku ^_^

betoi ka ank aku ni nk masuk drjah 1 nxt yr?? ALLAH..cpt btl masa loyal readers and followers pn msti feel d same kan..sbb korang adlh saksi aqeel membesar..segala2nya aku coretkan dlm byk mommies yg seangkatan dgn aku yg sm2 mula blogging since ank masih baby lg kan....btl x?
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Friday, January 4, 2013

dua ribu tiga belas


haish..bila mula nk mengarang je idea lari..huhu..

so kesimpulannya..smpai sini je la n3 hr ni..hehe ^_^
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