Saturday, January 31, 2009

my new skin

Assalamualaikum.. do i look wth my new skin?? actually my hubby did comment my new look..he seems not so agree wth the color..hmm..i expect tht..he dont like also actually but i dunno y, when 1st time i saw this color, waaaa..trus admire.. :D but then, i'm thinking for new laling doesn't like it lorr... how about u?? do u like it??

Thursday, January 29, 2009

edisi lepas geram!

pls take note ths is edisi lepas geram towards 1 of the largest telco company -> no need to mentioned directly but basically everyone know who is using BLUE as their color theme! i name it as C*****..this C was really make me irritated.. (those who is their user..up to u..nak baca silakan..kalu rs lps bc entry ni mmbuatkan anda xpueh hati ngn aku then no need to read..nobody forces to do just my 2 cents..) ok story dia cenggini..
last new year (err thun baru arituh ler), me n hubby was signed up the C broadband wth USB modem..actually we're eying ths thing quit some time..tapi dh nak terkena kan..dlm byk2 yg kitorang survey..kitoang p sign up plak kat 1 booth kat tesco taiping (coz tht time we're going back to tepeng)..i really2 not expected tht this C will make sh*t. firstly, we sign up for the rm98/mth which purposely to get a fast speed of connection (downloading n uploading..) the speed can reach up to 1. mbps..we hv to purchase the usb modem which cost us end of 1st part..
when trying to connect (kat kg lagik nih)..the connection damn slow! tp nak menyedapkan hati maybe kt kl nnti ok kot..but when we try again at our home whch located in KL..slow jgk..buat test speed 300++ kbps (can u see the huge differentiation) 1st day we just let it be..sabar lagik..about a week every nite we try it..really dissapointed..nak tunggu buka webpage pn sempat g masak nasi beriani n mkn skali..baru load..what the he**..we starting to blame the USB at first..but then we realize the USB is innocent:D the broadband line should be put in blame..bykla pendapat kata my house tinggi sgtla..trlindung bangunn la..ramai user C la..mc2 banner "this is C territory" bagak terpampang in my area..byk plak service hampeh..if thoseare the reason (as mentioned)..then why not u upgrade n improvise to serve better?? shoud i do tht for u!!.after 1 week ++ we decided to terminate it..we start searching for new broadband whch using USB so tht we can use the same usb (huhu..rugi jek beli usb modem tuh..i am totally regret:( ...) finally exactly in the mids of the mth (jan 09) we found this P1Wimax (but it's not usb..we dont mind anymore..our concern is to get the speedy broadband)..i xkesah kalu org ckp bende ni baru ke xstabil ke ape ke..i dont care anymore bcoz we've tried it at our home n it was really superb..far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away BETTER than C. test speed showed 1.3mbps every time we did it..then we do the termination wth C. meaning to's only for the use not even 1 mth..dlm stgh bln ade la 6 kali pakai..andddd..yesterday i rec. their account statement for january..supprisingly i hv to pay another RM55.55 ...what the he** ..
smpai opis trus pinjam phone awin (dia C user:D) and call customer careline..dhla pompuan tu kerek ok! dia nak kerek2 ngn aku..kena balik arr..basically the conversation was:
xyahla mentioned mesin yg jwb soh tekan button tu button ni kan..nak tunggu smbung ke customer care pn kalu guna public masuk rm1 dh bunyi tit tit tit dah..imagine la bape lame..pheww**
me: i just rec. my account statement. why i hv to pay another RM55.55???it stated package pro-rate rm41.10, itemised bill rm3.00, itemised bill prorate rm1.26 n stamping rm10? stamping i know la..but the rest is for wht??
C ooo mmg kalu cik sign up dgn mane2 pn mmg kena bbyr charge pro-rate..
**ha kat sini aku dh xpueh hati..ape ke hal ade pro rate pro-rate plak nih..
me: mase sign up, the agent ckp rm98 yg dibayr tu utk bln first bill byr utk next mth (bln kedua) sbb C ni style dia byr in advance utk bln strusnya..(what hte he** lagik..cekik duit org jek..service hampeh->ni kata dlm hati jek:D)nape ade pro-rate plak??meaning to say i hv to pay double for the first mth? then 2nd mth byr lain plak??
C utk bln pertama jek..same gk mcm nak masuk umah baru kan..beli umah kena byr deposit..
**kepala hotak dia..kerek ok minah nih..nak tunjuk pandai plak...siap bagi cth..nak bg cth tp ape lagi..pulang paku buah keras ler aku..ingt aku xpnh beli umah ke..silap arr
me: eh u xbole samakan deposit umah dgn bil nih..skang ni kalu deposit umah , at the end dia akn tolak loan amount..ade bil tepon..i dont hv any kontrak mentioned total amount for the whole bkn loan..we pay bil as per what how many useage! (dh tinggi sore dh ni)
C x cik..skang nih mmg kalu cik sign up kat mane2 pn mmg kena byr lebih kurang double utk bln pertama shj..dia ade kira pro-rate.. (xtau nk ckp ape dh pasl loan umah tu:p)
** ths time i was ke ade mcm ni??ini satu penindasan..dhla xdiberitahu mula2 n second..nape nak charge the same time bil utk bln tu kena byr gk..i dont mindto pay it..but i think ths is too much..senang nye nak telan duit org..
me: skang ni i nak tau why i have to pay almost double for the first mth..
**and she dont hv a reason for tht..i dunno y..she keep repeating the same word..mmg kalu sign up ngn mane2 pn utk ape2 pn kena byr prorate n bil utk bln pertama shj..mmg camtuh..
then i just hang up the phone..bengang xterkata..
and now..whether like it or not i hv to pay or else my name will be blacklisted..i hate this kind of thing..
so those outside, if my impression or whatever kata2 hati yg dicoret disini tdk benar and mmg btul xbenar sama skali..pls share it wth me..i need explaination..slalu dh kena camni..we just like a small ant which can't do anything against the biggest..huhu
sorry n mind my language..phewww**

steambot @ tupai2


firstly hepi CNY to those who celebrating it :) so..last Sunday hubby took me (including my BIL) to the steambot @ tupai2 restaurant (mlm ni ler cina mkn besar nak smbut CNY..hehe..kitorang pn nk nyebok gk:D) but most of the customer are malay ok! (its olwiz like tht..xkira sape pny raye..melayu pasti top ranking celebrate it) ok back to d story..we reached at tupai2 almost 9pm..hmm not so la..3 times we're changing the table just becoz to find out the most strategic location :D (brother yg serve kitorang tu dh buat muka toye dh..:p) but i don't care..ha this is the weakness of the restaurant..the table is sooo small (for me la:D)..if u are couple then's just nice but when u're wth the baby especially, it's quit space! i need big space for my baby's stuff..then we need to locate the steambot bowl (ape ek panggil menatang tuh??yg untuk mask steambot tu:D) ha tht thing must be put far away frm the baby..(dh le my aqeel suke sgt memanjang2kan tgnnya yg comel itu utk mencpai sume khazanah yg ade di depan matanya..pheww**) then include our dinner plate..ha full table dah..hmm..i am thinking of posting a comment to them. so tht they can improve it..maybe locate small side table purposely for the steambot bowl and all the cooking stuffs..should i :D (ngengada je kan..mcm slalu pegi:p) ooo btw, this is our 1st time:) okla..nothing much to dissappointed of..

eating eating eating! we tried all the dishes and end up wth eskrem..emm nyam nyam nak pcah perut la jgk melantak:D but overall okla..worth cost rm28 per wht! compared to nelayan..i think tupai2 much better..for me la..len org len persepsinye..

so we manage to snap few photos (xbyk sgt..sibuk mkn:D)..enjoy it :)

p/s: thanx so much hubby blanja mkn..nnti bwk tpt len plak eh:D i love u:*

~posing dulu:D~

~hubby n aQeel~

~ni baru 1st round..many round to go:D~

~slamat dh udang2 tu kena steam:p anyway..kuah tu nama dia coconut tom yam which they made the tom yam using a coconut..ala rs tom yam jek..xde pn rs klapa tu:D~

~its me tgh concentrate eating..dhla dok btol2 sblh steam bowl tu..bpeluh2 i tau..panas..huhu..~

~guess what aQeel is doing? i just give him a spoon of eskrem..hoyeay..tu muka thn sejuk..grrrr..~

**end of the story..we're really enjoying the blissful nite :)

**and the day of CNY, we're having mkn2 again..ths time wth my family..i am cooking SOTO AYAM n KUAH KACANG and also CHOC MOIST CAKE :)..unfortunately, we didn't snap even 1 photo of my SOTO AYAM..huhu..nxt time la when i did it again i will remind my self to take the pohot then we can share the recipe..(it was our, me n hubby faveret tau!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

before n after ... cont'd


perhaps can see the different clearly than before :)

both 2 pictures above was before consuming HERBALIFE which is last RAYA = mata nampak mcm br lps nangis..sembap..n ade butterfly rashes kat pipi..can see the red-sih kan? that was some of SLE would definitely attack first i thought i was rabun..dah siap buat spec lagi..after checkup wth specialist then i know it was SLE symptom that affected my eyes. (click at the photo to enlarge)

and another 2 pictures was after which is i took the photo yesterday (can see the date on the pict. :D) even tho my eyes still sepet (naturally ok!) tapi xdela nmpk sembap cam br lps nangis..butterfly rashes pn dh gone!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

award from Alyn !


yeaa..ive got an award..and it was from Alyn. Many thanx alyn..pls keep fwding me the award if any..hahaha:D

just like alyn, me also would like to share the award to my frens by fwding it to:

kak jun
and those who like to be a silent reader of mine ( ade jek..xkisah la..kot2la ade kan:D)

Friday, January 23, 2009

before n after ...


firstly, sorry bcoz i couldnt find the best picture to show my changes after consuming herbalife..its not bcoz too many picture to be selected but i just realize tht i dont have many photos tho..insyaAllah i'll try to get more:) i olwiz forgot to snap a picture of me n hubby..we just suddenly remember when we're at home while watching tv..but due to our tight schedule in front of the tv, we decided to take our photos when we're ready to outing :p...thats why we dont have many many excuses:D rather than nothing, here u go my before n after HERBALIFE piccas :D (malu plak nak tunjuk gbr before tuh:D)

~before- it was a month before consuming tht time, my SLE getting worse..look at my eyes..sembap is bcoz of the SLE symptom..i admit my eye was very sepet but still can see the different tau~

~after - hehe..even my eye still sepet..but pls take note tht it was sunny..previously, if it is sunny, my eye totally nmpk 1 line jek..i can't open further~

p/s 1: i'll try to get more piccas before n after (before byk since nak compare kena la amik gbr after lebih sket :D )

p/s 2: eh eh..dh mcm alyn la plak..ade ps1 ps2:p jgn marah eh alyn:D
actually just want to announce tht my BIL will launch his new website and its all about HERBALIFE n making money wth HERBALIFE..and lots of info about HERBALIFE..once the website is up, will let u know the address..tungguuu!! :)

lets the picture tell a story :)

get ready for the long journey?? the entry quit long..sila baca dgn sabar dan tenang yek :D
continue frm the last entry :D we went back to hubby's hometown during the christmas (actually to send back my PIL)..almost a week we stay at kampung ..2 days before left, we went to hubbys's tok house which is located at Beruas (so balik kampung dari kampung..huh what's tht??) and lets the picture story..the story is begin..ececeh:p

~ i am watching aQeel..he was very2 excited when suddenly he saw a ***..pls scroll down:D~

~he still eying that thing:p~

~after half way step going towards the ***, he look at me at the back as a sign to move forward..haha..yo la tuh..bertuah nak tunggu keizinan aku..bdk mane la reti lampu merah..:p~ excited is he..~

~yeayy..finally, he came closer to the CAT..miowwww..he was insisted to catch the cat..but at the same time..he was scared..ape daa.~

~trying to 'touch' the cat..thats only he can do..he's not brave enough la actually:D~

~ayah lepas gian main nyorok2 ngn aQeel..gerenti la aQeel kalah..~

~picture of us..i love this photo. :)~

~and this makes me look so sopan..ekekek:D~
ok..end of 'balik kmpung tok' story. last day before left, hubby took me to the famous amous mee udang..when we arrived, they are sooo many people waiting their turn to be served..hmm..luckily aQeel was sleeping..or else..we will be tired catche his up..lotih tauu! i thought it was really fantastic but after taste it..bese jek..nothing just the ocean of the prawn on top of the ye excited ajak hubby g ok least ive tried it once ;)

~ayah n aQeel enterframe~

~the signboard..~

~i counted the was 14 of them:D ...nasib ler xallergic..~

sooo..end of the was really an enjoyable moment and tiring olso..huhu..but overall..i like it:)

mix story without a specific title !


(hehe..bole ke title cenggituh?:D) even tho it was way back ago..but nothing is wrong to story bout it rite:) as mentioned before, i am too bz wth the final assignment, project submission n exam..and now! it was over for the time being at least (b4 begin wth new sem next mth..huhu..xde cuti pong...) need to catch up all the story which has been expired...ekeekek :D

actually it was an arrival of my PIL from Mekah. Depa p Mekah menunaikan fardhu Haji..alhamdulillah..selamat p selamat kembali :) during the arrival day, we, the whole family in law (including my family ok;) get ready to welcome them as early as 830pm (but my SIL was there at 630pm..ala2 excited gitu:p)..but as usual the flight was delayed for couples of hour..actually nothing much to story.. tgk gambo je la..let me introduce my family in law...

~arrival of my PIL~

~here u go..all in the picture accept azwa (hubby's sister)..dia yg amik gambo nih:D~

~eh eh..ade plak couple terselit..haha..ths is my niece - Nurul Izzati..dia tgh ngorat aQeel:D~

a little bit about Nurul Izzati binti Abdul Razak..actually Nurul is my sister's doter. she was born exactly during the General Election 2008. y my sister named her Nurul Izzati..? it just because of Nurul Izzah was won the General Election for Lembah Pantai Parliament (my mom's house was in that also actually:D). till the day of the newborn baby was arrived, my sister haven't decide what name should be choosed..finally, she got an idea..if shahrizat win for the election, she will name her baby as shahrizat (and vice versa to Nurul Izzah DSAI). then when Nurul Izzah won the election, my sister named her baby as Nurul Izzati (saje jek tambah 'ti' blakang tuh..konon xnak sama sgt..kang org kata fanatik plak :p) thats the story of naming Nurul..and she only younger 4 mths then aQeel..slalu kena buli ngn aQeel..sian Nurul..besela baby girl kan..xaggresive cam baby syok ler aQeel membulinya:D

waa..rsnya entry ni dedicated to Nurul instead of my PIL..story pasal dia lg byk plak:p

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tagged by Alyn!


hehe..kena tag lagi by Alyn..ths time, i am struggling to complete the tag..or else i will be punished..acah jek:D neway..actually i am confusing on the instruction given..xpaham pon yek:D but doesn't matter i guess as long as i complete it:D (sori ye alyn..hehe)

a. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
b. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
d. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
e. Put this on your blog.

1. If someone says, "Is this okay?"
-> rama-rama - ella

(ape kaitannya nih:D)

2. How would you describe yourself?
-> jikalau aku - ezlyn

(hmm..sounds better..konon2 bykla nak describe..ekekeke:P)

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
-> Tiga malam tanpa bintang - fiq

( pk la sdiri..)

4. How do you feel today?
-> Ketahuan - matta band

(no komen..)

5. What is your life's purpose?
-> andai ku tahu - ungu

(cewwahh..mcm xtau..:p)

6. What is your motto?
-> pencinta wanita - irwansyah
( apo kobondonyo ni..)

7. What do your friends think of you?
-> memburu impian - kristal
( ke korang pk camtuh?)

8. What do you think of your parents?
-> cahaya cinta - siti nurhaliza

(sesuaiii gitu:))

9. What do you think about very often?
-> biarlah rahsia - siti nurhaliza

(eh eh same ngn alyn la..perhaps we listen to the song at the same time..)

10. What is 2+2?
-> Kenangan terindah - samsons
(ape yg indah tah:D)

11. What do you think of your best friends?
-> mirae - kiroro

(my best fren doesn't know how to speak korea lang.)

12. What do you think of the person you like?
-> ada apa denganmu - peter pan

(seriously its not frm my heart ok ! )

13. What is your life?
-> samudera - nora

(umang aih..jgn la hidupku dilanda samudera..err samudera tu ape eh??)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
-> melukut di tepian gantang - aishah

(uwaaaa..what d coincident..huhu)

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
-> persis mutiara - mila


16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
-> bersamamu - siti sarah

(err ..)

17. What will they play at your funeral?
-> cinta - amy mastura

(u ols kejam..lagu rancak plak tuh..huhu..)

18. What is your hobby/interest?
-> lelaki ini - anuar zain

(eh btol la..he is my interest...**toink.. )

19. What is your biggest fear?
-> dialah di hati - siti nurhaliza

(ape daaa.)

20. What is your biggest secret?
-> tak tahu - adam


21. What do you think of your friends?
-> hanya satu persinggahan - ekamatra

(err..hidup ni kan umpama persinggahan menuju ke alam yg kekal abadi..cewwah:D)

22. What will you post this as?
-> berdua lebih baik - acha septriasa

(ok la tuh..)

I'm going to tag: mira

yesss..finally i completed the task..pheww..**

p/s: afterall, then only i undestand what does the instruction required..haha

kek lapis asam hawflakes

yesterday i baked 'kek lapis asam hawflakes'. actually it was requested by my mom since the day i baked it for the 1st time..(hehe..xsangka plak dia suke kek nih..) so rite after back to home, i leave aqeel wth his 'toys' -> which means dia pnye toys adlh brg2 org beso..such as kotak,mangkuk,senduk etc..kbnyakkannya brg dapur aku! kalu takat teddy bear tu xmain la..sat je pastu terbiar je la bende tu terkontang kanting..hmm..ok back to d know he will play around himself if provided wth those things..thus..tgkla ape dia buat ngn kotak tuh.. (quality gbr agk kureng memuaskan..)
~dia mmg suke dok dlm kotak tu camtuh..kadang bakul tpt senduk aku pn jadi mangsa~

- end aqeel's story.. pull stop.
while aqeel was doing his own job, i start my mission..and finally ive done baked the cake within 1 hr (terer x...hehe:D) actually it was very simple..only d complicated part was doing the layers..but u know me..rajin tp malas..err..meaning that i am rajin to bake the cake but malas to layering (ade ke word nih..:p) it properly :D mine-> 1 layer was as thick as kamus dewanbahasa:D so the outcome ok la..even not so cantik as original layer cake..ahaksss..;p (xkisah asalkan sedap:D) my hubby said the taste was ok..not too sweet..sedap! **toink toink toink..kembang jap..haha:D

resipinye..hanya memerlukan...
1) 220gm tepung gandum (juling mata aku nak tgk scale tuh..ade plak 20gm tuh..but mine was half superfine flour & half self raising flour -> tepung gandum xde rupenye..hhaha..xprasan:D..tu yg naik bagai juara je kek dh sejuk tu dia back to normal)
2) 220gm gula castor
3) 1 sk baking powder
4) 1 sb ovallete
5) 1/2 sudu garam
6) 1 sk essen vanilla
7) 150ml susu cair
8) 100ml minyak
9) coloring & asam hawflakes seckpnya..
10) lupe plak bahan penting... telur 5 bijik
cara membuatnya adalah dgn :
1) memukul telur dan gula hingga kembang..
2) kemudian masukkan semua bahan2 lain dan digaul hingga sebati...
3) then masukkan coloring ikt suka
4) sapu loyang dgn butter (spya xmelekat) and letak 2 senduk adunan as a 1st layer..kukus dlm 5 minit..
5) then susun asam hawflakes di permukaannya kemudian letk 2 senduk adunan di atas asam tersebut dan kukus lagi..-> repeat this step till the end.. siap!
** kek ni jenis 'berat' (lembap n padat)..its not like others cake yg gebu & 'ringan'..

ive baked 2 types..actually 1 adunan jek..but since i am using the self raising flour - > xmuat plak 1 loyang :D
~ths is the balance..thats y quit thin compared to green 1~

~the layers~

Monday, January 19, 2009

chocolate cupcake

finally i did it! :)
last Friday we (me+ITD's geng) had a farewell ex-superior (fid) was left the company for better opportunity..congrates Fid :) so we're having our lunch at Chef & Brew restaurant (which steak is their best :D ) 10 of us round up the table which are me, fid (yg di farewellkan), ct, shakeera, laily, mazrah, maziah, kak zizie, suzli n fatin.. un fortunately and the most regret was i forgot to snap a picture of us. actually i remind myself to snap a photo when driving to ITD..however after meet them, the reminder was gone.. :D (excited sgt story mory all the gossips;p plus they're compliment me for my changes..muahahhahhaaahh...kan dh masuk bakul:D ) anyway..back to d having a chicken chop (suddenly hv no idea what menu is the best.after a while just regret supposed to order sizzling mizzling steak or what so ever as long as it was in the hot plate..(so that i can wear a bip (am i spell it correctly?) just like suzli did:D) hehehe..just joking la..alhamdulillah i still hv a chance to eat that kind of food compared to people in Pallestin (huhu..touching la plak) so..we're chatting non-stop (even tgh makn pun mulut dok pot pet pot pet..truk btol..bini sape la tu eh;p) we end up around 230pm i guest..really enjoy the luncheon..anddd..i brought choclate cupcakes for them..hehehe (ths is the real topic:D) usual..i am sharing the recipe..lets catch up :)

2 cawan tepung blue key (self-raising)
1 cawan gula
1 cawan susu pekat manis
1 cawan milo
1 cawan serbuk koko vochelle
4 biji telur ayam
1 cawan minyak masak
1 cawan air panas

1) masukkan semua bahan2 dalam mangkuk besar (mangkuk mixer pn bole)
2) kacau dengan sudip besar hingga sebati (jangan guna mixer.nanti telebih naik dia pecah..x lawo)
3) bila semua bahan2 dah sebati (dlm 5 minit je kot kacau)
4) then boleh ditapis adunan yag dah siap agar hasil nanti lebih halus dan cantekkkk
5) didihkan periuk pengukus dan kukus selama 40 minit or lebih (guna lidi utk cucuk kek tu..kalu xmelekat dh mask ler tuh..)
6) siap!...simple kan..
deco la mengikut creativity masing2.. :) kalu nak buat cupcake letak la adunan dlm cups..kalu nak buat sebijik kek letak dlm loyang (mine = half half..besela aku kan suka buat ikt kpala otak sdiri:D)..senang jek..msti try..

~before deco~

~taraa..after deco~

~topped wth choc.ganache~

~ths is for my mom~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tagged by Kimoira!


scenario: feel too sleeeeepy doing the never ending assignment! was thinking sumthing else to do instead of struggling typing the asst. (kalu typing je xpe..kena pk plak..argghhhh..penin..!)

case study: ive been tagged by kimoira a.k.a girgle (btol ke aku eja ni mira..ekekek). emm panjang giler nih..klu masa tu ade takat 2 minit jek..simpan dulu yek..lenkali br baca..xsempat! :D (poyo jek..mcm pjgnya smpai 2-3 pges:p)

REMARK: i choose 'him'

1. What is the relationship of you and him?

2. Your 5 impressions towards him
cool, funny,responsible, caring, loving (hubby msti kembang baca statement nih:D)

3. The most memorable things he had done for you?
emm..i cant think the MOST...but mostly whatever he had done were memorable :)

4. The most memorable things he have said to you?
**P&C - cannot be revealed :D (bole ke jwb camnih..hehehe)

5. If he become your lover, you will..
he is my lover tho..ouch;p

6. If he become your enemy, you will..
cant' imagine

7. If he become your lover, he has to improve on...
already became my lover..anyway..he has to be more romantic..hehe..toink..toink..toink..

8. If he become your enemy, the reason is...
same to #6

9. The most desirable thing to do on him is?
**P&C - cannot be revealed :D

10. The overall impression of him...
glad to be wth him ;)

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
no idea..shuld ask them this Q.

12. The character of you for yourself is?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
emm..smpai sini blank la plak..
**harap maaf tdk dpt meneruskan jwpn seterusnya..baca je la soklan eh :D

p/s: mira lenkali tag soklan yg pendek2 udah ler..;p

14. The most person that you wanna be is?

15. For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.

16. Ten people to tag:-

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 were together, would it be a good thing?

20. How about no. 5 and 8?

21. What is no. 1 studying about?

22. Is no. 4 single?

23. Say something about no. 6

episod cinta 1


emmm aku rs aku nk buat countdown la..ha countdown ape tuh..hehe..countdown to anniversary aku yg ke 3…(bru 3 thun dh kecoss..ekeek:D) tp xkisah la aku..ekspresi perasaan aku..sukati aku la kan..haha;p
Biler anniversary aku eh? Jeng jeng..surprise..:p ok aku start dgn camne pertemuan aku n suamiku itu…

july 2003..kisah bermula bila aku ditempatkan di 1 company (kecik je xyah sebut la ek..bkn korang tau pn:p) utk mnjalani latihan industry..kira ni final year aku kt ukm..sblm aku menjejakkn kaki kt co. tu..alkisah..sume kwn2 aku dh dpt tpt utk buat LI ni..tpt best2 plak tuh..dbkl la..pnb la..petronas la…tp aku xdpt2 tpt yg aku dpt ni actually owner dia kwn bapak aku..dekat sgt ngn umah as a back up je la…aku still struggle cari tpt lain dgn harapan dpt la tpt best2 sket dh jodoh aku nk jmpe hubby aku kat situ kan..xde rezeki aku dpt tpt lain..akhirnya aku pasrah n redha je la..

ok 1st day kt co tu ape jadi?..aku ditptkn kt bhgan admin n hubby mase tu kt technical kt tgkt atas..(dia buat practical dia final sem la..abis praktikal trus konvo..syiok btol) day kan...besela..harus ade orientation..aku pn diperkenalkn la kt hubby aku nih..mula2 akk yg introduce aku tuh ckp nama hubby aku ni aku dgr abg shah..ekekkeek..gatal ok:p dlm hti aku pelik..muka nmpk muda (sbb akk yg introduce aku tu mmg tua lagi dr aku)…so tu yg aku pelik..dh tua ke mamat nih..(erkk..hubby xpnh tau kata hati aku nih:D) aku plak menyampah giler ngn hubby aku mase tuh..aku rs dia ni cam bagus jek..dgn selekehnye xtau nk ckp..(waa sesedap usus kutuk ni..hehe..)kbtulan aku diassign oleh bos utk tampal ‘quote of d week’ kat every floor opis slalu ler aku naik atas kt tpt technical tuh..lama2 kitoang jadi rapat..rupenye kepala dia pn cam aku gk…bulat..ekekek:D xla..mksud aku gile2..bole ngam la..then dpt lg 1 job utk arrnge talk event..ha kt sini lagi la buat kitrang rapat..aku rs mase tu dlm hati masing2 dh ade 1 perasaan aku je yg perasan...haha:p

aku ignt lagi.1st time hubby ajak aku tgk wayng..katanya sbgai ucapan time kasihla sbb aku pinjmkan dia laptop…(aku tau tu alasan jek..dia nk ngorat aku tuh..:p).mula2 tu aku ok..skali bila sehari sblm kejadian aku cam nervous plak..tb2 aku mls nk kuar ngn dia..aku trus msg dia cancel (jahat sungguh aku rs time tu..sian dia kan:p)tp pastu direplace dgn sarapan bersama …*wink..control ayu ler aku..ekek:D kakak2 kt opis tu mmg dh mula sakat la..dok match2 kan aku ngn hubby aku nih..mulut mcm marah dlm hati suka..tah pape tah..mengong btol:p

x sampai sbln aku kat situ..hubby pn tamat dh tempoh praktikal..sob sob..sedey giler xtnjuk la..maluss tauu:p hari perpisahan tu..kitorang blik last kuar opis..mase nk berpisah sayu jek..aku pn xtau nape rs cam sedih sgt..mcm xdpt jmpe dia lagi..perasaan syg dh ade kot mase tuh..waaa jiwangnye ayat aku..xhengat:p..(ni hubby msti kembang baca statement aku nih..perasan la tuh:p)..lps dr haritu..aku bila g opis mcm kosong je..xseceria sblm tuh..huhu..mase tu sms mahal tau..10sen 1 sms…dhla xde gaji..dpt elaun pn rm300 jek..trpksa pau mak duit nk beli topup.ekekek:D mase tu hubby kt uum sintok nun..settlekan sume urusan utk konvo chit chat la tru sms..tru sms jgk la..kitorang dgn rasminya couple..haha..klako la plak..aku trlompat2 dh bc sms dia mase tuh..seb bek xnmpk..:D

tanggal 13 sept 2003, hubby konvo..dia ajk aku g uum..mak aku dh riso dh aku nk g sintok tu akhirnya brjaya aku mengconvinve mak tgh bercinta ujung dunia pn sanggup..haha:p aku pn naik la bas kt puduraya ..bas malam so smpai uum tu pagi kol 2 kot..hubby konon2 la jemput padahal dh mmg turun bas depan kolej kwn aku yg aku nk tumpang tuh..haha..konon2 caring la tu..cewah;p skali kt kolej tu..aku jmpe la kwn sek.rendah aku..aisyah aka camarputih..dia bisnes ngn boipren skang dh jadi laki dia..gigih sungguh smbil study gedebak gedebuk..posing sana posing sini ngn jubah konvo dia tuh..then esoknye aku pn balik la ke kl..minggu dpnnya..hubby kasi surat..sbb sertakan ngn gambo skali..jgn ingt kitroang xtau guna emel ok!!..ouh ape isi surat tux yah la aku cite kan..mstila ayat2 chenta gitu..hehehe..

april 2004 aku pn complete degree aku..alhamdulillah rezeki aku cpt trus dpt keje tetap..hubby xde rezeki lagi dpt keje tetap..keje sementara n part time aku masih setia disisnya..cewwahhh..bln august 2004 aku plak konvo..harus hubby pn dtg plak ke convocation day aku bunga lagi…i likeeee..

mase kitorang couple tu x de plan lgsung nk kawen bile..angan2 ade tp duit xleh jadi la kan.hubby pn mase tu xkeje tetap lagi..lagi la cam xnmpk byg2 nk kawen..ekek:D

so ape jadi seterusnya..ha tunggu la sambungannya minggu depan ok..uik..nape minggu dpn?? hehe..sukati la kan..aku saje je..nnti boring plak baca asyik ntry kisah cinta aku selang seli kan la dgn kisah lain kan..sooo..tungguuuu..:p

~gambo konvo aku je yg ade..berdua ngn hubby pn ade tp xjmpe plak..nntila aku update ok..kena selongkar album~

p/s: hope blog ni still ade utk tatapan dan pengetahuan anak cucu aku bila aku dh xde lagi kt dunia nih..waaa jauh pk tuh..ekekekek:D
p/s2: harap nk tulis dlm diari mmg xdok la kan..

Monday, January 12, 2009

quick update!

ok explain to the person (which is a fren of mine) why was my blog mostly in BI..actually its not bcoz i am very the mat saleh 1 ok!..which dont like to story in BM (in fact, my english is not that good to be proud of)..its just the matter of practicing..i am practice to improve my english to be as good as others..but sumtime if 'u' notice i am mixed my language..(hheheh..BM is bahasa ibundaku..of course i wont forget it) and thats y the result -> = ROJAK..but since this is my je la..sukati gue lerrrr...anyway..thanks to the pengkritik (xsangka plak sampai bahasa yg digunakan pn kena kritik..ekekekek) but its ok..i accept it sincerely from the bottom of my heart..cewwahhh.. (ye least i know tht i hv a reader and surprisingly she is a caring reader of mine..thanx a lot! :D)
2ndly..quick update .. (as per title) hubby just having a check up wth his lovely doctor (muahahhaa:D) and the result was -> the doctor asked hubby to stop taking the high blood pressure medicine and reduce another half part of prednisilone..which was 1 tablet instead of 1 1/2 tablets b4...phewww...***big relief..Alhamdulillah..times running away and the medicine flying away...(cam peribahasa jek bunyinya :D) more high blood pressure problem..skang ni darah rendah la..he is consuming HERBALIFE (which help to maintain his blod pressure) and at the same time taking the high blood pressure of course the blood pressure will drop down drastically..(just like people with NO high lood pressure but consume the high blood pressure medicine)...hopefully the good condition of him will be forever n ever...insyaAllah and Alhamdulillah..thanx to Allah to permits those things happen :)
p/s: to hubby..keep up ur good health k..dont miss the HERBALIFE..keep shaking (the herbalife ok..)
last but not least..updates on my fren (A bkn nama sebenar ..hahaha..mcm dlm paper tu ..real name wont be revealed..:D) condition which consume HERBALIFE too..she has a chronic hormon problem.. shes getting married..thats lead to the decision to consume HERBALIFE (all this happen after she read my blog and wth 1 quick call, ive expalined to her everything and ..thanx to her jgk..sbb sudi gk baca blog aku nih:) xsia2 i wrote about HERBALIFE and my experience consuming glad to share those good info wth the readers out there..yg baik elokla dihebahkan..same goes to the knowledge..xbaik kedekut ilmu ;) anyway..back to the story..and ive been told, her condition shows good improvement as a need to reveal everything in details laa....but seriously i am happy on her behalf..keep it up fren :)
so thats all mentioned before, currently (at the end of the smeester..) i am the bz-est person in the world...huhuhu...exam! assignment! project! presentation...huhu..tulun tulun..
dh settle sume nnti i'll update yek..byk nak story morry ni..and for the 1st time i nak reveal my latest photo (which most of my fren waiting for) ..results after the HERBALIFE :) tungguuuuuuu!!..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Assalamualaikum.. sakan soping baju raya n kuih raya..aku?? 1st..aku suka design yg ni...
hubby suka features yg ni..

pilih punye pilih...pening berdebat ngn hubby design vs last aku amik yg ni...xde dlm list langsung..mmg terror salesman (n hubby) menghasut ok la..aku agreed sbb features dia yg bgs compare to design nokia e71 yg aku minat tu..even design samsung ni so-so jek..

ceh..mcm ler aku ni bisnesswoman..nk features yg canggih2 bagai..hampeh..manual en canon pn xabis explore lagi..tmbh plak lg kene explore manual samsung ni ha..adeiiii..(as usual..aku serahkan pd hubby..mklumler aku kn kurang rajin sket..ekek:D)
sape pakai hp ni or blackberry..ok x? pasni harusla aku join aQeel bergigihan collect duit raya..

p/s: jth hati plak pd hp yg guna platform window..trus melupakan en i-phone..ekeke:D
p/s2: jgn majuk sama aku ok kalu aku xmelawat korang skang..bln ramadhan sgt cool n utk seketika..
**credit to mr google for the piccas..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



while waiting the clock shows 10.00am (got tender evaluation meeting..huhu..tensee..hnnsss%&^*) i was 'digging' my thumb drive..anddddd...guess what..i found this..a memory of me+YGL's colleague..there were my buddies when i was in YGL..we had really pleasureable time..seems like the office was ours..muahahha..5 of us -> d only malay there..and here the story was began when i knew n wawa has some kind of chemistry..and few (lots actually) of our frens were know each other..seems like we're a bridge connecting our frens..hahaha..
neway..back to the story mory..5 of us which are me, wawa, fazly, kimi n kak sue..really miss our hilarious memory together (hahah..our daily routine was lough n lough n lough..just like we really enjoy working there..-> ke..perhaps the environment not the nature of the company:D)..there're really good frens..willing to help each other..and of course, kimi is the funniest among us..and i think he vivid our office;)
that was way back to 2006..and now, we're separated each other (but i think fazly n kimi still loyal wth the company:D)..wawa succeed to be a lecturer and married, kak sue was in UK (i guess)..furthuring her study while fazly n kimi struggling at YGL..hehehe..

~frm left: wawa, me, fazly n kimi..where is kak sue huh???~

~frm left: kak sue, me n wawa, the only guy was kimi..hmmm..where is fazly??~

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