Friday, January 23, 2009

lets the picture tell a story :)

get ready for the long journey?? the entry quit long..sila baca dgn sabar dan tenang yek :D
continue frm the last entry :D we went back to hubby's hometown during the christmas (actually to send back my PIL)..almost a week we stay at kampung ..2 days before left, we went to hubbys's tok house which is located at Beruas (so balik kampung dari kampung..huh what's tht??) and lets the picture story..the story is begin..ececeh:p

~ i am watching aQeel..he was very2 excited when suddenly he saw a ***..pls scroll down:D~

~he still eying that thing:p~

~after half way step going towards the ***, he look at me at the back as a sign to move forward..haha..yo la tuh..bertuah nak tunggu keizinan aku..bdk mane la reti lampu merah..:p~ excited is he..~

~yeayy..finally, he came closer to the CAT..miowwww..he was insisted to catch the cat..but at the same time..he was scared..ape daa.~

~trying to 'touch' the cat..thats only he can do..he's not brave enough la actually:D~

~ayah lepas gian main nyorok2 ngn aQeel..gerenti la aQeel kalah..~

~picture of us..i love this photo. :)~

~and this makes me look so sopan..ekekek:D~
ok..end of 'balik kmpung tok' story. last day before left, hubby took me to the famous amous mee udang..when we arrived, they are sooo many people waiting their turn to be served..hmm..luckily aQeel was sleeping..or else..we will be tired catche his up..lotih tauu! i thought it was really fantastic but after taste it..bese jek..nothing just the ocean of the prawn on top of the ye excited ajak hubby g ok least ive tried it once ;)

~ayah n aQeel enterframe~

~the signboard..~

~i counted the was 14 of them:D ...nasib ler xallergic..~

sooo..end of the was really an enjoyable moment and tiring olso..huhu..but overall..i like it:)


MiJa said...

zharif suka giler ni tgk udam banyak nih..^^

Suziey Ahmad said...

Mija: hahaha..comeynye dia sebut udang;p

maylyn said...

gile tempting the mee banjir udang...14? mau resdung i jdk tahap 4 nih hahahhaha

Suziey Ahmad said...

maylyn: aah alyn..mmg giler la..ha tu la sape yg ade allergic n resdung mmg masak arr kalu mkn sume udang tuh:P tp udang dia mmg fresh jgk..mee dia bese jek

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