Friday, January 23, 2009

before n after ...


firstly, sorry bcoz i couldnt find the best picture to show my changes after consuming herbalife..its not bcoz too many picture to be selected but i just realize tht i dont have many photos tho..insyaAllah i'll try to get more:) i olwiz forgot to snap a picture of me n hubby..we just suddenly remember when we're at home while watching tv..but due to our tight schedule in front of the tv, we decided to take our photos when we're ready to outing :p...thats why we dont have many many excuses:D rather than nothing, here u go my before n after HERBALIFE piccas :D (malu plak nak tunjuk gbr before tuh:D)

~before- it was a month before consuming tht time, my SLE getting worse..look at my eyes..sembap is bcoz of the SLE symptom..i admit my eye was very sepet but still can see the different tau~

~after - hehe..even my eye still sepet..but pls take note tht it was sunny..previously, if it is sunny, my eye totally nmpk 1 line jek..i can't open further~

p/s 1: i'll try to get more piccas before n after (before byk since nak compare kena la amik gbr after lebih sket :D )

p/s 2: eh eh..dh mcm alyn la plak..ade ps1 ps2:p jgn marah eh alyn:D
actually just want to announce tht my BIL will launch his new website and its all about HERBALIFE n making money wth HERBALIFE..and lots of info about HERBALIFE..once the website is up, will let u know the address..tungguuu!! :)


MiJa said...

mmg hardly seen..
kasi zoom sikit!

Suziey Ahmad said...

Mija: ok mija..will upload the zooming 1 :)

Winn said...

sorry la Suzi.Aku x dpt nak concentrate tgk gamba kau.Sibuk tgk anak kau je.Comey sgt!

Suziey Ahmad said...

ezwin: ceh..sabo je aku..hahaha..xpe mana tumpahnya kuah kalu xke nasi kan:D

wei aku xleh log in to ur blog la..not invited..huhu..

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