Friday, January 23, 2009

mix story without a specific title !


(hehe..bole ke title cenggituh?:D) even tho it was way back ago..but nothing is wrong to story bout it rite:) as mentioned before, i am too bz wth the final assignment, project submission n exam..and now! it was over for the time being at least (b4 begin wth new sem next mth..huhu..xde cuti pong...) need to catch up all the story which has been expired...ekeekek :D

actually it was an arrival of my PIL from Mekah. Depa p Mekah menunaikan fardhu Haji..alhamdulillah..selamat p selamat kembali :) during the arrival day, we, the whole family in law (including my family ok;) get ready to welcome them as early as 830pm (but my SIL was there at 630pm..ala2 excited gitu:p)..but as usual the flight was delayed for couples of hour..actually nothing much to story.. tgk gambo je la..let me introduce my family in law...

~arrival of my PIL~

~here u go..all in the picture accept azwa (hubby's sister)..dia yg amik gambo nih:D~

~eh eh..ade plak couple terselit..haha..ths is my niece - Nurul Izzati..dia tgh ngorat aQeel:D~

a little bit about Nurul Izzati binti Abdul Razak..actually Nurul is my sister's doter. she was born exactly during the General Election 2008. y my sister named her Nurul Izzati..? it just because of Nurul Izzah was won the General Election for Lembah Pantai Parliament (my mom's house was in that also actually:D). till the day of the newborn baby was arrived, my sister haven't decide what name should be choosed..finally, she got an idea..if shahrizat win for the election, she will name her baby as shahrizat (and vice versa to Nurul Izzah DSAI). then when Nurul Izzah won the election, my sister named her baby as Nurul Izzati (saje jek tambah 'ti' blakang tuh..konon xnak sama sgt..kang org kata fanatik plak :p) thats the story of naming Nurul..and she only younger 4 mths then aQeel..slalu kena buli ngn aQeel..sian Nurul..besela baby girl kan..xaggresive cam baby syok ler aQeel membulinya:D

waa..rsnya entry ni dedicated to Nurul instead of my PIL..story pasal dia lg byk plak:p

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