Monday, January 5, 2009


huhu..i hate when it comes to the end of semester..(but i love the semester break..ekekek:D) this period of time..i was the bz'iest person in the world..(kalah PM;p) assignment..project..exam..arghhhhh!!..i hate this...
1) ive got 4 days left before accounting> xstudy mende pn lagi..errr..anything left in my mind??..oh no..nothing!! dang it..quick go n open the notes n studyyy!!....times running..hurry up... (tensen arr pk..zzzz lagi besh:D)
2) 4 days left too to submit project paper n do presentation for (again) accounting... me-> alamak..cuak la plak..sempat ke nih..
3) 15 days left to submit project paper + journal review + book review for strategy> hehe..lek arrr..byk hari lagi:D
4) 20 days left to go for oral exam for ED.. (huh..oral exam??1st time nih..msti mcm intebiu keje kan..kan??..)
**hati kecilku berbisik..(menjerit sebenarnya:D)..udah2 ler blogging..g buat to-do-list tuh..lalu..naluriku la ye la..nk buat la nih..huhu..
-> looks like i will break the record to do marathon straight the whole week to finish up my to-do-list..uwaaaaa....xbeshnyee!!..
**namun otak kecilku mententeramkan things smartly..then u will enjoy it during the break semester..hoorayy!! loving it;)

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