Tuesday, January 6, 2009



while waiting the clock shows 10.00am (got tender evaluation meeting..huhu..tensee..hnnsss%&^*) i was 'digging' my thumb drive..anddddd...guess what..i found this..a memory of me+YGL's colleague..there were my buddies when i was in YGL..we had really pleasureable time..seems like the office was ours..muahahha..5 of us -> d only malay there..and here the story was began when i knew wawa..me n wawa has some kind of chemistry..and few (lots actually) of our frens were know each other..seems like we're a bridge connecting our frens..hahaha..
neway..back to the story mory..5 of us which are me, wawa, fazly, kimi n kak sue..really miss our hilarious memory together (hahah..our daily routine was lough n lough n lough..just like we really enjoy working there..->erkk.ye ke..perhaps the environment not the nature of the company:D)..there're really good frens..willing to help each other..and of course, kimi is the funniest among us..and i think he vivid our office;)
that was way back to 2006..and now, we're separated each other (but i think fazly n kimi still loyal wth the company:D)..wawa succeed to be a lecturer and married, kak sue was in UK (i guess)..furthuring her study while fazly n kimi struggling at YGL..hehehe..

~frm left: wawa, me, fazly n kimi..where is kak sue huh???~

~frm left: kak sue, me n wawa, the only guy was kimi..hmmm..where is fazly??~

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