Friday, October 17, 2008

my 1st handphone..

i ve been taged by Asyida to story about my 1st hp..huhu..shes tagging me quit some time but due to my bz-ness all d time i couldnt make it..and now i feel like nothing to do and the mood is my 1st hp in my life..Nokia 3210..

actually this is my dad's hp and he gave it to me when i was @UKM..does it consider as my 1st hp Asyida?? at that time this hp was very famous one..everybody was using the same..changing the housing wth fancy the monotone ringtone..@that time theres no polyphonic ringtone yet..hmm..the function ok la..for me can calling2 n sms-ing2 enough olready..hehehe..but this hp only stay wth me for 1 yr if im not mistaken..bcoz has been stole.huhu..very frustrated that la..give from my dad...luckily ive got my ptptn loan and searching for new hp..ha this is real my hp..i am first owner;) Nokia 3310..

hehee..adik bradik ngn 3210..this is upgraded one..what i know the upgrading was the games..more variety..snakes games more advnture..tu je pn yg i was using this hp just a not remember what happen to this hp..maybe i trade in to get other brand of hp..hehehe;p
so...asyida..ive completed my assignment:D

new job


hehehe..just look at the title can predict what im gonna story for this entry;p yesss..alhamdulillah after struggling like crazy searching for a new job, finally i manage to get 1..all this while i pray to get a better job in a big n strong organization..n i don believe that i can get it..its my luck..alhamdulillah..syukur pada Allah..where will i go??..hehehe wait for next entry..insyaAllah 1st day @ new place then only i will reveal where is it:D

for those who knows how i am when searching new job can feel how excited i am;) of course la..actually the story begin when my new fren which i met when i am registring for MBA @uumkl fwded me an internal job vacancy from the organization.her best frend was fwd the vacancy to her and she fwded to me.. she didnt recommend me to the HR but she just ask me to try my luck..who knows if there is your i just send in my tooks about more than 1 mth only the HR called for an intview..and coincident, my manager's sister was interviewed me..rupenye my fren yg fwd tu kenal gk my manager nih adik best fren dia..hahaha..what a small world..the intvew was just a week before raya..and a week after raya ive got a called again from the HR saying that my offer letter is ready..hehehe..senyum kambing je ler sepanjang hari tu..i cannot concentrate doing my job anymore;p so thats the story...

so my commencement date will be 4th of Novemeber 2008. hope i can adapt easily there..pray for me frens;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008



still in raya mood..we olwiz heard people say raya sebulan..why?bcoz we had fast for a month.but how about ladies that couldnt complete a month???hehehe..sdiri mau ingt haa;p

alhamdulillah,this year me+hubby was celebrating raya wth our lil' charming..muhammad harraz aqeel;)1st raya for aqeel.we spend 5 days @hubby's hometown~tepeng..2 days fasting and 3 days raya..a day before raya, aqeel was not feeling well. he got a mild fever..the whole nite he cannot sleep well (including me)..huhu..i asked hubby to buy a cool fever. but everytime i put on aqeel forehead, he will put it sensitive la my son..he can feel i put something on his head.but after a few trial, i manage to stick it on his head. the next morning, more fever..but he still feel uncomfortable..maybe becoz of the weather..sian anak ibu.:( so our jln2 session was limited..bcoz we dont want aqeel to get fever again..for the past 2 fasting's day, the weather was so sunny but during the raya, it was rainy day..hujan rahmat..

~aqeel is playing menan sape tah..buat cam rete sdiri~

last day @kampung, my SIL plan to snap a family photo @ was so funny..just imagine we got 2 lil' hero which is my son aqeel n my SIL son adam..and we have to make them ready for the photo session was very2 hard..when aqeel is ready and looking @ the camera,adam was doing something else..and when adam is ready and looking @ the camera, aqeel was crying..huhu..very challenging;p finally, ther result~~aqeel was not looking @ the camera while sucking his finger..but still in a proper position..and that is the best we manage to get..:D once the photo is ready i'll post it here..hehe..i just paste a picture for 3 of us outside the studio;)

~~us in purple~~

we went back to KL early morning on silent huh that time...we dun mind to sacrifice our sleep to drove back to KL early in the morning rather than i hv to Q on the road for the terrible traffic jam.some more we love to travel @ that area of fact, @that time, the car started to filled up the hi-way but we manage to speed up to 110kmj..hehe..ok la tuh;p we reached KL safely after Subuh..we perform Subuh @Sg.Buloh stop.

we spend our weekend just stay @home..esok kena koje..sad to think that raya just passed like that..same feeling when raya is coming bcoz we gonna say goodbye to Ramadhan 2008..hope to meet again wth next Ramadhan n Syawal..

and now,waiting for open house calling..(we've got a few:D)...

Friday, October 10, 2008

i'm back!!


First of all,wish u all SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI...hmmm..times pass around..quit sumtimes i didnt touch and update my thingking few things to story morry but dunno which should come first.To make it simple, i'll do the chronology..cewah..siap chronology lagi..hehhe..this is the easiest way to cater what has passed;) (kengkonon je laa...;p)

Jun 2008: i am persuing my MBA and the 1st class was held in this month. ive decided to further my study give up waiting for the KPLI which has been applied for 4 times but FAILED to be a teacher..maybe i am not meant to be a maybe its my luck to be a lecturer..who knows;)..besides bz-ing wth my study, i am bz-ing preparing to move in to my new house..

July 2008: Officially, ive move in to my new house..we (me+hubby) manage to bought new apartment for our small happy family @ old klang road;) we were so bz on the pindah2 was a hectic day for us..actually i hv set my mind that move in to the new house is very tired and messy and i think i am ready to experienced it..however, i cant. I am moving out just from my parents the things that ive owned shoudl be not as many as people moving out from their own house to another house..but its not as per expected. Un'sangka'rable that my own goods was fulfilled 1 medium size of lorry + return trips of 2 cars (not 1 time returns but a few times..i couldnt remember)..but finally we manage to settle it. Luckily i plan to move in during the free weekend which i hv no class on the weekend..or else,definitely i will "burn" the class:D...ive upload a few angle of my house;)..not too big but just nice and comfort for 3 of us to stay..

~view from balcony sliding door~

~view from entrance area~

~view from the mirror wall..lorong towards bedrooms~ model of the house..zoom in from the study room;p~

August 2008: emm..nothing special hapened in this ye...this month,we are celebrating independence day..but on the day..i was in the class listhening to the DA lecture.huhuhu:( 

September 2008: yeay..Ramadhan come again..Alhamdulillah..we were met the Ramadhan again..hopefully we can meet next year's Ramadhan..since we have move in to our new house, i hv to wakeup and preparing the sahur alone as previously i am doing that together gether wth my mom..but for berbuka, we break it @ my parents mom was babysit my son, so i hv to go there and fetch him back..alang2 waiting for the buka puasa then only we went back hubby having the terawikh@surau nearby my parents house..but sumtime just @ home. a week before Ramadhan ended, hubby took me+aqeel berbuka puasa @ dewan sri perdana felda,jln was a lovely moment to have the buka puasa outside and just 3 of us;) ive snap a few photos using my hp camera..

~aqeel was sucking his sock~

~aqeel again~

October 2008: its be continued on next entry:D

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