Wednesday, October 15, 2008



still in raya mood..we olwiz heard people say raya sebulan..why?bcoz we had fast for a month.but how about ladies that couldnt complete a month???hehehe..sdiri mau ingt haa;p

alhamdulillah,this year me+hubby was celebrating raya wth our lil' charming..muhammad harraz aqeel;)1st raya for aqeel.we spend 5 days @hubby's hometown~tepeng..2 days fasting and 3 days raya..a day before raya, aqeel was not feeling well. he got a mild fever..the whole nite he cannot sleep well (including me)..huhu..i asked hubby to buy a cool fever. but everytime i put on aqeel forehead, he will put it sensitive la my son..he can feel i put something on his head.but after a few trial, i manage to stick it on his head. the next morning, more fever..but he still feel uncomfortable..maybe becoz of the weather..sian anak ibu.:( so our jln2 session was limited..bcoz we dont want aqeel to get fever again..for the past 2 fasting's day, the weather was so sunny but during the raya, it was rainy day..hujan rahmat..

~aqeel is playing menan sape tah..buat cam rete sdiri~

last day @kampung, my SIL plan to snap a family photo @ was so funny..just imagine we got 2 lil' hero which is my son aqeel n my SIL son adam..and we have to make them ready for the photo session was very2 hard..when aqeel is ready and looking @ the camera,adam was doing something else..and when adam is ready and looking @ the camera, aqeel was crying..huhu..very challenging;p finally, ther result~~aqeel was not looking @ the camera while sucking his finger..but still in a proper position..and that is the best we manage to get..:D once the photo is ready i'll post it here..hehe..i just paste a picture for 3 of us outside the studio;)

~~us in purple~~

we went back to KL early morning on silent huh that time...we dun mind to sacrifice our sleep to drove back to KL early in the morning rather than i hv to Q on the road for the terrible traffic jam.some more we love to travel @ that area of fact, @that time, the car started to filled up the hi-way but we manage to speed up to 110kmj..hehe..ok la tuh;p we reached KL safely after Subuh..we perform Subuh @Sg.Buloh stop.

we spend our weekend just stay @home..esok kena koje..sad to think that raya just passed like that..same feeling when raya is coming bcoz we gonna say goodbye to Ramadhan 2008..hope to meet again wth next Ramadhan n Syawal..

and now,waiting for open house calling..(we've got a few:D)...

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