Friday, October 17, 2008

new job


hehehe..just look at the title can predict what im gonna story for this entry;p yesss..alhamdulillah after struggling like crazy searching for a new job, finally i manage to get 1..all this while i pray to get a better job in a big n strong organization..n i don believe that i can get it..its my luck..alhamdulillah..syukur pada Allah..where will i go??..hehehe wait for next entry..insyaAllah 1st day @ new place then only i will reveal where is it:D

for those who knows how i am when searching new job can feel how excited i am;) of course la..actually the story begin when my new fren which i met when i am registring for MBA @uumkl fwded me an internal job vacancy from the organization.her best frend was fwd the vacancy to her and she fwded to me.. she didnt recommend me to the HR but she just ask me to try my luck..who knows if there is your i just send in my tooks about more than 1 mth only the HR called for an intview..and coincident, my manager's sister was interviewed me..rupenye my fren yg fwd tu kenal gk my manager nih adik best fren dia..hahaha..what a small world..the intvew was just a week before raya..and a week after raya ive got a called again from the HR saying that my offer letter is ready..hehehe..senyum kambing je ler sepanjang hari tu..i cannot concentrate doing my job anymore;p so thats the story...

so my commencement date will be 4th of Novemeber 2008. hope i can adapt easily there..pray for me frens;)

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-zalehaj- said...

good Luck Suziey.. tulah dinamakan rezeki.. :)

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