Friday, October 17, 2008

my 1st handphone..

i ve been taged by Asyida to story about my 1st hp..huhu..shes tagging me quit some time but due to my bz-ness all d time i couldnt make it..and now i feel like nothing to do and the mood is my 1st hp in my life..Nokia 3210..

actually this is my dad's hp and he gave it to me when i was @UKM..does it consider as my 1st hp Asyida?? at that time this hp was very famous one..everybody was using the same..changing the housing wth fancy the monotone ringtone..@that time theres no polyphonic ringtone yet..hmm..the function ok la..for me can calling2 n sms-ing2 enough olready..hehehe..but this hp only stay wth me for 1 yr if im not mistaken..bcoz has been stole.huhu..very frustrated that la..give from my dad...luckily ive got my ptptn loan and searching for new hp..ha this is real my hp..i am first owner;) Nokia 3310..

hehee..adik bradik ngn 3210..this is upgraded one..what i know the upgrading was the games..more variety..snakes games more advnture..tu je pn yg i was using this hp just a not remember what happen to this hp..maybe i trade in to get other brand of hp..hehehe;p
so...asyida..ive completed my assignment:D


Anonymous said...

bagos2...esenment sudah siap akhirnya..berjangggut aku tunggu...hehe.

Suziey Ahmad said...

hahaaha..nasib baik xde janggut;p

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