Friday, February 27, 2009

i will


yess i will try my best..try what??'s not tht important actually..hehe..i will try my best to snap a photo of my lecturer (the lecturer tht i story in my previous entry) ... since i've got OTM class ths the mission is begin !

selagi aku xdpt tau nama pelakon yg sebiji sebijon ngn lecturer aku nih..selagi tu la aku xleh tido mlm..ececeh.. (ye ke..lena je hr2 aku tido:D)

aku nekad nih..what ever happen, i will close up his face.. wish me best of luck ! ekekeekek:D

**byk lg keje berpekdah yg bole aku buat..adeiii...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mee bandung


actually i should publish ths entry before going for holiday at l.a.n.g.k.a.w.i ..hehe..but i couldn't make it due to my bz-nessssss:D
previously i did mentioned about mee bandung in my besday entry..but i just showed the photo of it without the recipe..n now i would like to share the recipe..i don't know why..for me it's not tasted as mee bandung...however hubby did compliment me n saying tht it was very nice.... (waahh..trus xlalu aku nak mkn dgr dia puji..ekekekek:D) i think maybe the udang kering make it tasty and appetizing..perhaps n could be :)
so..lets browse the photos...then made up ur mind whether insisted to know the recipe or not..hehehe:p
p/s: those photos were taken by hubby..sbbnya..lps siap je aku masak pepagi buta tuh...zassss trus cabut g klass plak..(mase hari tu kan aku pnye klass straight dari pagi 9am-9pm) aku soh hubby amikkan..

~ni kuah mee bandung~
~ni bahan2nya..limau tu aku confuse sket..mee bandung ade letk limau ke eh?? hubby aku blasah je letak:D~

~ni dh ready dihidang utk di ngap!~

~aku siap bawa bekal g klass tau! mcm zmn2 skolah dulu..heheh:D~

bahan2: utk 5 org mkn (ni ikt sukati citarasa aku je recipe nih..hehehe:D)

segenggam udang kering -> rendam n blend lumat
5 sb cili
2 biji bawang merah
3 biji bawang putih
mee kuning 1 peket
sotong basah -> sukati nk brape byk (aku xletak sbb xde stok:D)
2 biji telur
tauhu goreng
garam sckp rasa
air untuk kuah
2 biji tomato & sos cili

minyak untuk menumis
daging lembu ikut suka banyak mana, lagi banyak lagi sedap (aku xletak gk sbb xde stok:D)
ape2 bhn mentah spt ayam, fishball, udang, fishcake...

1) Blend udang kering, bawang merah, bawang putih dan cili.
2) Potong kecil sotong basah dan daging lembu (kalu nak letak)
3) Tumis bahan blend tadi, ensure minyak byk sbb udang kering serap minyak

4) Masukkan sotong basah (aku gnti ngn udang jek), daging dan bhn2 mentah spt ayam, fishball, udang, fishcake spya sebati ngn cili n udang kering..(ni sume ikt sukati aku..sbb fev aku sume bhn kalu korang xnak letk pn xpe..xlari rasa dia:D)
5) Bila dh separuh masak masukkan air dan kacau smpai masak
6) Masukkan garam secukup rasa
7) Kacau kuah spya xberkerak dan telur satu persatu. hati2 masa mengacau spya telur xpecah n hancur
8) Bila dh mendidih, masukkan plak sayur sawi dan tomato dan sos cili

**mee, taugeh dan telur dicelur...siap utk dimkn..curah je kuah atas mee dan hiasla ikt suka.. tabur bwg goreng pn sodap! kalu nak pekat bancuh tepung jagung n curah dlm kuah..(aku xboh pn sbb xmoh pekat2..nnti muak rasanya bile mkn dgn mee)

** ok ni off topic yek..aku try zoom gbr lecturer OTM (operation & technology mngmt) xclear la muka dia..aku nk g depn2 snap gbr muka dia kang dia prasan plak aku syiok kat dia..ekekkee:D....nak tau x muka dia, perwatakan dia, gaya dia berckp dan bntuk bdn dia sebiji sejibun mcm pelakon cite Dalam Hati Ada Cinta (ha sape ingt cite ni)..yg jadi shah tu..yg suke kat aliya (umi aida)..ade gk dia blakon baru2 nih tp aku xingt tajuk cite la..nama dia lagila haram aku xtau..:D tp yg pasti aku kenal muka dia..sbb aku tgk lakonan dia..ha tu la bile lecturer aku tu ngajo aku dok sibuk usha dia n compare dia ngn pelakon tuh..ekekke:D (p/s: aku bkn angau ngn dia eh..sila maklum:p)

kalu sesape tau name pelakon tu tlg btau aku eh..aku xpueh ati btol..jenuh aku search dlm tenet tp xjmpe plak..haha:p

tag 'marathon' lagi !


hohoho..sambungan marathon smlm.. :D

TAG # 3:

by mummYaeesh .. ngape la panjang bebeno tag nih..huhu..dgn gigih aku akn menjwb sehingga tamat.. (maklumler aku ni ade problem sket dlm bab menjawab tag yg pjg berjela..ekekek:D)

rules: post this list on your profile (in Notes) replacing my answers with yours. (You can add the notes tab to your profile page! Tag 25 people to do the same thing If I tagged YOU, it's because I want to know more about YOU! --> ececeh:P

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? ~ i dont think so..but obviously my name was similarly to the indonesian badminton player - susi susanti
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIed? ~ emmm..when watching rob b hood acted by jackie chan..the climax tht makes me cry when the baby was freezed..huhu..seriously it was very touching when JC try to safe the baby hardly.
3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? ~ of course no! :D
~ nasi putih PANAS + tom yam PANAS + telur dadar
5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? ~ yes i do..currently only 1 kid..soon will be more n more..perhaps ..ekekek:D
6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? ~ of course..bcoz 'YOU" is very nice person..wakakakka..kan dh masuk bakul:p
7. DO YOU USE SARCASM? menatang ape ni eh:D
8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? ~ ntah ek..everyone should hv ke?
~ never!! even i've been awarded 1 mil.
10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? ~ no specific brand..sume aku blasah
3. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? ~ muka kerek ke x..wakaaka:P
14. RED OR PINK? ~ pink
15. WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? ~ i love my self very much..
16. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? ~ aQeel & hubby (ni kalu x tulis kang majuk plak:D)
18. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? i am wearing baju kurung in blue, shoes - black (xkn ni pn org nak tau..adeiii)
19. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? ~ my opismate gossiping each other..hahahaahh:D
20. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? ~ alhamdulillah i am not a crayon..
22. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? ~ br je hang up ngn my sis..discuss psl HERBALIFE.. (ececeh..soklan xtanya pn ckp pasl ape..hahha)
23. FAVORITE SPORTS TO ~ softbol
24. HAIR COLOR? ~ hitam asli
25. EYE COLOR? ~ hazel..ouch...:D
26. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? ~ no lah~
27. FAVORITE FOOD ~ soto ayam yg aku buat..hahaha
29. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? ~ emm xingt..lame giler xtgk movie baru..
30. WHAT COLOR OF SHIRT DO YOU LIKE TO WEAR? ~ ..merah mak ngah:p
32. HUGS OR KISSES? ~ both
33. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND TO? ~ everything..i am a good responder tho:D
34. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? ~ no idea ---> (dh mula xlarat nak abiskan tag nih..huhu)
35. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? ~ i was should i read a book in the same time..
36. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? ~ mouse pad pn tadak!
37. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? ~ kasanova xxl ...i liiiikeee
38. FAVOURITE SOUND(S)? ~ yg xmenyakitkan telinga
40. WHAT IS THE FARTHEST YOU HAVE BEEN FROM HOME? ~ kl-singapore ke kl-perlis paling jauh..kl-perlis kot..
41. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? ~ perhaps n i wish i do
42 WHERE WERE U BORN? ~ HBUniversiti currently known as PPUM
pheww..abis gk..

** aku sgt baik kali ni..aku x specifically tag org..coz tag ni panjang giler sape yg rajin la buat yek..kalu korang buat aku bc jek ;)

TAG # 4:

rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun!

1. What is your name? suziey
2. A four letter word: sexy (erkkk..wakakakakakakakk..hahahaahha:D)
3. A boy's name: shah (hubby gue)
4. A girl's name: siti suziyanti (its me...*wink;)
5. An occupation: system analyst (nasib kena)
7. Something you wear: scarf
8. A food: stoberi
9. Something found in the bathroom: sunsilk shampoo
10. A place: shopping complex ..ekekkek:D
11. Reason for being late: stuck in traffic jam
12. Something you shout: shut up!
13. A movie title:
selamat pagi cinta..waa jiwang nnye.. (tu je yg terlintas)
14. Something you drink: shake HERBALIFE..hehhehe
15. A musical group: sheila on 7
16. A street name:
ss 14
17. A type of car: serena
18. A song title: sumayyah-hijjaz
19. A verb: strong


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tag 'marathon'


TAG # 1:

i've been tagged by Mama Danish...


Go to your photos folder in your computer.Go to the 6th folder of photos.Go to the 6th picture in that folder.Put the picture on your blog and description of it

~ hmm..ths is the picture # 6 in my 6th folder in my thumb drive (since i never save any personal photos in my PC picture folder:D). so it was present opening session..hehehe..*do ignore the date on the picture (lupe plak nak set:D).. happened right after my reception..the session was ended at 11++pm if i'm not mistaken..huhu..ngantuks tau..letih bersanding pn xilang lg..ekeke:D

next i have to tag other ppl..hmm i thnk i wanna choose 3 only la..the lucky # 1 is asyida (since it was very very simple assignment and required very small effort..pls DO IT..hahaha:p) emm lucky #2 mas-hana (mas sgt rajin menghapdet blog dan membuat tag..hehe:D) and lucky # 3 is connie (hehehe..serangan balas..:D)

TAG # 2:

i've been tagged by CoNnie: title "1st BORN JOURNAL"

~ i was pregnant 8 mths ~

~u rock baby:D~

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? ~ no..we're hopping it:D


3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? ~ alhamdulillah..very very very excited!

4. HOW OLD WERE YOU? ~ sweet 26..ekekek:D

5. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? ~ of course via pregnancy test kit :D

6. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? ~ the man who make me pregnant...hubby ler :p

7. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? ~ definitely..nak shopping2 senang..

8. DUE DATE? ~ EDD 7th Dec 2007, actual delivery date 26th Nov 2007

9. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? ~ aah ler..loya memanjang..cuma xmuntah2 jek..

10. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? ~ everything i saw:D

11. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? ~ emmm..xprasan la..hehe

12. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CHILD'S SEX? ~ hero a.k.a boy

13. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX ? ~ nop..but my mom yes..haha:D


15. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? ~ camne tuh??

17. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? ~ not really cuma susah nak branak syiok dok dlm perut..xmoh kuor:p




21. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? ~ docs n nurses

22. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? ~ C-sec..huhu

23. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? ~ aah..epidural..sbb BP tinggi giler..aku demam tau!


25. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN ? ~ ouh dh terjwb awal2 tadi:D 26th Nov 2007

26. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? ~ Muhammad Harraz Aqeel


28. WOULD YOU DO IT AGAIN? ~ nak jgk..syiok tau...memula je phobia tp skang x dah..hehe

**mostly sume dh buat tag nih..kalu ade yg blom n nak buat silakan la yek..


i've got these awards frm siti .. thanks siti for those awards..i liiiike... :)'s my pleasure to fwded those awards to my fellow frens:

1) asyida
2) ki moira
3) mija
4) fied
5) vagg
6) niza
7) lily a.k.a mama danish
8) mummYaeesh
9) dyla
10) mummy ila
11) mas-hana
12) za
13) aisyah
14) syeren
15) khas lysha
** and for those in my list whch i didn't take the awards..sincerely frm the bottom of my heart..cewwahh;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

holiday @ l.a.n.g.k.a.w.i


haiiiii..i'm back..cewah..mcm la g obersi berbln2:p story in my last entry..aku akn bercuti di langkawi entry kali nih..aku nak story mory la kisah2,kenangan2, peristiwa2 dan yg sewaktu dgnnnya berkenaan dgn percutian aku.. (xkn holiday org len plak kan:D) aku rs klu aku story without pics xsyok la kan..buhsan aku tepek la bbrapa keping gbr2 aku+hubby+aQeel sms berholiday..xdela aku boh sume gbr yg kami amik..thousand of photos tau! (heheehee..xla sampai ribu riban..ratus kalu nak tgk sume photo bole tgk kat frenster aku;)

~so aku mulakan dgn pelepasan kami ke langkawi dgn menaiki MAS airline..cewah..ayat skema..ok gbr ni kitorang soh steward tu je blps dari KLIA..ha nak tau x kejadian sblm tiba d klia tu..flight kul 8pm so kena check in 2jam kitorang trlmbt 15 minit (hubby sbnrnya..:p) so xleh nak check in kt klsentral (unless check in without luggage..aje gile nak usung beg yg beso bagak tu naik perut flight ..) so tpksala hubby g ke KLIA dulu utk check in...aku plak kena tunggu anak aku smpai (sbb aku dr opis, mak aku tlg bawa aQeel dr umah sbb hubby bw sume beg2 mak aku gerak lmbt sket la..konon2 xnak tunggu lama kat klsentral)at last hubby g KLIA utk check in dulu, aku g kemudian ngn aQeel..huhu..nasib baik ler aQeel suke naik KLIA express xde mslh la bg aku..ha tu la kisahnya..~
~ ok ni dh slamat smpai di langkawi airport..sempat lagi kitorang posing dpn flite..ala-ala jakun gitu..ekekkek:D lps dh bergambo sakan, kitorang heading to Helang hotel..check in~

~ ni kat Helang hotel..sila mklum..en aQeel pantang jmpe tepon..tu la gayanya bila dpt tepon..aku rs lps kitorang check out msti lingkup tepon tuh. :D hotel Helang ni dekat je ngn airport..jln kaki pn giler hotel nih..bathroom dia 1st class la..mana xnya..sinki je rm2k rege nye..*lupe nak snap gambo sinki tu* mmg cantik i am highly recommended this hotel..seriously! so selesai mlm pertama di langkawi ~
~ jeng jeng jeng! ha ni la bende pling penting aku nak beli sesampainye di langkawi..ekeke:D 2nd day kitorang g shopping2 segala mcm coklat n sotong2, kacang2 pn ade...aku siap beli beg extra lagi utk sumbat sume cekelat ni..hehe..besela tpt2 shopping ni tentunya kat Kuah n Padang Matsirat..1 mlm je kitorang shopping abis sume..sbbnya siang tu aku n hubby mls nak merayap..cuaca panas terik la..*DAIM tu feveret choc aku n hubby selain ferrero..kisses pn feveret..errkkk..sume dlm gambo tuh feveret sbnrya:D ni 1st round shopping..adela aku beli coklat lagi secara runcit..(masuk duty free zone kat sblh underwater world tu aku rembat gk 1-2 coklat:D)

~ ini adlh kejadian yg tdk diingini ttp tlh berlaku..huhu..en aQeel tlh mematahkan spec ayahnya..nasib baik ler ayah bw contact lense..hayat spec ni xsampai sethun..aritu patah sbb aku trpijak..hehe:D moral of the story..pakai contact lense..:p ~

~ nmpk x bukit yg mcm org peknen baring tuh..ha tu la tasik dayang bunting..kitorang g meronda pulau plak hr kedua..1st g tasik dayang bunting, then g tgk eagles and last lepak kat pulau beras basah..~

~ ni atas boat on the way ke tasik dayang bunting tuh..aQeel nmpk layannn naik bot..mula2 je dia nangis..takut kot sbb 1st time mase atas bot tu pn dia diam je menikmati angin laut..cewah..yg sebenonya aku rs dia mamai sbb ngntuk:p **topi pink tu aku beli mlm kitorang shoping coklat tuh:D aku bknnya ngengada nak pakai topi aku kan ade sakit SLE xleh la terdedah sgt kat matahari..pakai topi ni ok gk..xpanas sgt;) ~

~ ni tangga menuju ke tasik dayang bunting baru nak mendaki..perghhh penat giler..aku xsangka nak ke tasik tu kena daki bukit turun bukit..curam btol mase nak turun ke tasik tuh..klau aku tau awal2 mmg aku maleh nak g..hehehe:D *sila maklum gbr ni diambil sblm pendakian bermula..sbb tu ceria jek..haha:p ~

~ ha ni la tasik dayang bunting tu.ramai gk org yg mandi..(org ckp kalu nak cepat peknen mandi kat sini..dongeng je tu!) aku n hubby xmandi..kitornag naik solar boat je..memula nak naik pedal boat rm15..skli bdk pn dia kira so xleh naik pedal boat sbb 3 org xmuat..mengong btol..trpksa la kitorang naik solar boat (rm30 stgh jam plak tuh..huh) solar boat ni smae je cam pedal boat cuma xyah kitorang tpksa gk mengayuh sbb bila kitornag xbuat ape2 ats boat tu..aQeel bila kitorang mengayuh dia diam..adoiii..sia2 je byr rm30..huhu..~
~aQeel pn nak kayuh jgk.. so lps tu kitorang g tgk eagles n lepaks kat pulau beras basah..mase atas bot tu aQeel tido dgn lenanya dibuai hembusan angin laut..fuhh..layann...tu je la aktiviti hari kedua kitorang..mlm tu g shopping lagi...sempat singgah pasar mlm kat mane tah..xingt:D ala sama je cam kat kl..~

~ hubby mndi pool ngn aQeel kat langkasuka beach resort..oh ye..lupe nak btau..hari pertama(jumaat) kitorang check in hotel langkasuka beach plk smpai hr ketiga (ahad)..hmm..amat mengecewakan...mgkin nasib kami kurang baik..atau mgkin sbb mula2 kami dh dok kat hotel helang yg ala2 4 star tu kan..kali ni hotel langkasuka ni kami dpt bilik yg ade problem aircon..nasib baik ade kipas.bathroom busuk n air bertakung..sumbat kot..lebih menyedihkan..getah paip pn xde..kena guna GAYONG! hahaha..nak gelak pn ade..nyamuk pnyela byk...klu tepuk je beg aku yg wrna itam tuh..ha segala tok nenek nyamuk sume terbang kuar..adeh..ape la nasib..aku dh request nak tukar bilik sume dh trpksa la kami tahan je dgn sume bende tuh..huhu..sebenornye kan..memula tu kitorang dpt bilik yg ok..lantai pn licin katil la plak..dia kasi 2 queen bed..hubby xnak..hubby nk gk king bed..skali dia kasi king bed tp condition dia plk truk cam aku ckp tu,.so moral of the story..jgn tukar2 bilik..hahaha.:D **bile keadaan camtu..kitorang nyesal sgt x stay je kat helang smpai balik :( so kitorang check out 22hb kul 12pm...
~ at first kitorang plan lps check out nak g cable car n jenjalan kat dataran mmg full la aktiviti lps check out utk last day tu..sbb tu kitorang xbook any hotel..flight kul 8mlm..antara 1-6pm je nak merayau..mmg just nice la..skali plan trpksa diubah,..aku kan dh memborong segala mcm coklat..smpai penuh 1 beg aku terpikir ler..xkan nak usung coklat ni..nnti tinggl dlm kete maunye la cair sume coklat2 tuh..cuaca panas terik plak hanya disebabkan nak sejukkan coklat tu kitorang tpksa check in hotel murah jek..sewa hotel mahal rugi plak..bkn nak dok lama...lps check in je..letak beg dlm bilik kitorang pn cow g naik cable car n jenjalan..ptg tu balik hotel just mkn,hubby g smyg pastu check out..ceh..beso btol pangkat coklat tuh..sewa bilik semata2 utk beg coklat:D ha gambo kat atas tu kat depan hotel murh tu la..kat area pantai chenang...syok gk angin pantai ni..hubby suke la..nak cari ketenangan katanya kan:p~
~en aQeel nmpk gembira berkaki ayam..~

~ miss ibu n en aQeel..hehe;) ~
~ ni dlm cable car..tinggi btol..gayat sgt mase nak naik tuh...kecut je perut.. ayah buat2 relax je tuh..dlm gbr:D ~
~ aku pn sama..dlm gambo buat2 relax..haha..aQeel gk syok..xtau ape2 ~

~ jmbatan ni la yg aku idam2kan nak sgt bila smpai je kat situ..perghh..gayat tau! aku sparuh jln je..nk patah balik hubby xkasi..dia pksa gk aku jln smpai seberang sana..huhu..gerun!!~
~ ni dekat middle stesen cable car..just turun amik gbr jek..~

~ kat jambatan gantung..~

~aQeel berkaki ayam..konon2 brani gk tuh..kitorang saje xbg dia pakai kasut dia sbb klau dia berkasut..jgn harp dia nak didokong..jenuh kitrang nak kepung kalu dia dpt tanah..~
~ni nak balik ke cable pn aku xtau rupenye dari cable car ke jmbatan gantung ni kena daki n turun bukit yg curam mcm kat tasik dayang bunting tuh..perghh..penat lagi..adehhh...~
~ siap ade sediakan bangku lagi..utk org2 cam kami ni la..yg dh semput mendukung anak nak mendaki tangga tu..gambo ni ade mat salleh yg offer nak amikkan....baik sungguh..xyah minta tlg dia sdiri offer diri..ekeke:D utk pengetahuan korang..kami xsempat pn nak g dataran helang,tpt minyak gamat, telaga tujuh, makam mahsuri..err..bkn xsempat sbnrnya..lebih tepat lagi..MALAS..sbb cuaca panas agk kurang best nak jenajlan..kalu shoping xpe..dlm bangunan..ekeke:D~

abis dh..dh nak balik dh..sampai je kat bwh cable car dh kul 4 lebih..ape lagi..rushing la..nk mkn..smayang lagi..kemas lagi..dlm pada kitorang kelam kabut tu..sempat lagi shopping bju2 utk anak2 buah..hehehe..and lastly kitorang smpai airport kul 645pm..pastu Q utk check in Air Asia..huhu..panjang giler..flite delay plak tuh...hmm..sabo je la..

mase nak naik Air Asia tu..kena Q panjang..dia x offer pn kat aku utk masuk flite dulu..huhu..dorng xkisah pn ko bawak anak kecik ke baby ke..sume kena bratur..unless ko byr additional charges utk fast lane..huh..tah pape nak buat camne..mmg camtu bisnes concept air asia..customization..berbeza dgn MAS..tgh aku dok layan anak aku main2 tu..stewardess tu dtg soh aku bawa anak masuk flite dulu..n sume yg bw budak n baby masuk dulu..huh..sungguh bagus..before ths naik flite xrasa sgt beza bila dh ade anak sket overall ok la.. **aku siap amik kacang extra lagi yg MAS provide mase dlm flite..hahahaha:D alhamdulillah kami selamat pegi dan selamat pulang dari langkawi..syok dpt bercuti..hope dpt g lagi..thanks to hubby for the enjoyable moment tht we have;) i love u so much:*

** hubby ade ckp nk bw g bukit tinggi aku nak bandung..bole shopping lagii!! :D

**edited..b4 g tu aku sempat survey rege coklat kat klsentral..bkn ape saje je nak tgk beza dia..n mmg jauh roche rege kt klsentral RM35 utk 30 biji tp kt sana cuma RM23 jek! DAIM paket beso tu kat klsentral RM23 kat sana cuma RM13..emm kisses tu aku lupe plak nk kat sane RM11 jek..kit kat (dlm dia ade 3 keping yg 4 bar tu) RM5.50 je..kat kl..sekeping yg 4 bar tu RM2.40..toblerone tu plak kat sane RM10 jek utk 5 btg yg kecik tu,..klu saiz beso aku tgk rege dia RM19.00..wahhh..mmg murah!..hehehe..sbb tu aku giler shopping coklat kat sane:D
p/s: utk kengkawan yg rs ngidam nk mkn coklat..mehla jmput dtg ke jemputan ikhlas tau!.. just ym me @ ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009



wah wah..ade pre-holiday la plak..hehe..i define it as a preparation for the's not a long vacation tho..3 days 3 nites only..;) actually i just want to share the obstacles i hv been faced to plan for the holiday..mmg sgt byk dugaannya tau!

kononnya vacation ni mcm hadiah la frm hubby for my besday. locationnya adlh LANGKAWI ISLAND jekk! (dlm kepala otak dh mula dok pk nak shopping COKLAT n kekacang n sotong..erkkk sume mkanan:D) tercetusnya idea utk brcuti ke langkawi mase raya cina aritu..tgh dok sembang2 ngn hubby kat kampung tetiba rs nak mkn coklat..dan dan tu jgk aku ajak hubby g langkawi..tah pape kan..mcm kat kedai xde jual coklat..hehehe...konon nak beli byk2..n alasan je nak g langkawi:D..(fyi, dr tepeng ke kola perlis = 2 jam n then naik ferry 40 minit dh smpai langkawi..agk dekat la compare nak g dari KL) xmenjadi plan tu..kadangkala last minute plan menjadi n kadangkala mase tu xjadi ats sbb2 tertentu:p then hubby yg suggest g mase besday aku..of course aku soh dia blanja kan..hadiah besday..haha...mcm pksa je kan:D okla..cut it short..

besday aku mmg jatuh hr ahad tp hotel yg dikehendaki (berjaya hotel) plak penuh..then decide a week after tht (19-22 feb 09)..mase nih aku pnyela konfiden xstart new sem lagi..skali silap budget..2 minggu lps dh register new sem..makanya minggu ni pnye klass aku burn la..ekekek:D nak burn klass ni pn ade kisahnya..aku decided amik 4 subjek sem nih (sila maklum 4 subjek adlh sgt tough ok..dr segi masa especially..mmg aku akn kebizian tahap gaban la gaban tu bakal hubby kak vagg:D) anyway...1 subjek klassnya 2 minggu subjek2 yg aku amik, 1st week klass akn ade ari sabtu 1 and ahad 2 (ha ni yg kes 9am-9pm tu) and 2nd week ari ahad 1 subjek..begitula minggu2 seterusnya..and cuti yg kitorang plan utk vacation terkena minggu yg 3 subjek meaning to say..3 subjek aku kena nasib menyebelahi aku..subjek yg aku register pd awalnya aku drop n tukar amik subjek lain dan schedule nya adalh terbalik..kali ni 2nd week tu yg 3 subjek..1st week tinggl 1 subjek minggu ni adlh giliran 1st week tu..maka 1 subjek je la aku burn.. (pheww..** msti pening nak pham nih..:D )

ok pastuh part nak book flight n hotel plak..problem lagi..hotel yg kitorang nak full plak date yg kitorang plan at last dpt gk la..hotel yg kitorng akn dok adlh Helang Hotel & Langkasuka Beach Resort (ha ni hubby yg suke sbb depan laut..) ha nape 2 hotel..sbbnnya Helang tu kitorang stay mase sampai n nak blik -> dekat ngn airport..Langkasuka Beach plak hubby yg pilih..katanya nak ketenangan..tu tujuan dia nak g sana tujuan aku nak shopping:D (disbbkan hubby nak ketenangan n aku suggest dia bg sume duit kat aku biar aku tlg shopping..ekekek..aci x:D) hotel 2 flight pn 2 gk..barula aci kan..haha:p actually kitorang nak book MAS pegi balik tp utk date balik xde trpksa la kami mem-book "everyone can fly" dgn muka yg kelat..huhu..sila maklum ye..aku bkn nk condem airasia cuma reason aku kitorang ni bw anak ngn stroller agk kureng selesa la..tu pada aku la..maybe pd org lain ok..aku je yg ngengada..hehe:D so..pegi dgn MAS balik dgn AIR xpela..apepn aku xkisah aslkan kitorang slamat pegi dan slamat balik..;)

so flight nye mlm ni kul 830pm...pagi buta tadi kul 1.30am aku bangun packing beg..terkebil2 aku mengepack brg2..huhu..btapa last minitnye aku..hahaha..sbnrnya aku majuk ngn hubby sbb hubby balik lmbt mlm td..aku dh plan nk pack brg mlm td..skali dia bole plak blik xpela..maybe dia bz kan..aku pn sambl tidokan ank aku plan nak bgn la packing..skali dgn aku2 skali zzzzz..kul 130am bru okla..dpt aku packing dgn tenang skali sbb assistant aku dh tido..kalu x aku dok simpan baju dlm beg dia dok kuarkan balik baju tuh..jenuh nak bersilat ngn dia..xpn nnti aku dok packing baju masuk dlm beg..dia dok punggah sume baju dlm wardrobe..ha lagi naya baik aku tido kan dia dulu..hehehe..

so..skang ni aku masih di opis..530 on time aku kena rushing nak ke xpe..KLIA Ekspress ade;) hubby plak half day ari kami akn bertemu di klsentral..cewah..

itula riwayat pre-holiday aku..nnti aku cite pasal the holiday plak eh..cau cin cau... will be online back on monday;)

**br aku teringt pencuci muka aku terlupe nak amik..huh..kena pesan ngn hubby soh amikkan..

~si kenit ni paling syok bile sebut "nak g dalan-dalan" (nak g jalan-jalan )~

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

water filter


1st of all..sila bygkan tpt kejadian adlh opis sy -> ICT, PMB..its very common to hv a water filter in a pantry (generally most opis will hv tht..kalu xde tuh..emm..xtau la nak kata ape..hehe:D). but the water filter provided (at my opis) was broken (or should i define as broke down?whatever la) for sometime (bkn sket pnye sometime..kalu kucing bunting.dh branak dh pn..haaa...ok x perumpamaan tuh..) aku pn xtau ler nape ler lama sgt derang nak fix kan menatang tuh (err bkn kucing di ats ye mksud sy..kisah kucing tu dh tamat..menatang ni = water filter) or maybe the procedure to fix it was too complicated..i dunno.. i am really suffer in the condition we're having now (mgkin aku je yg len relaks jek:D)..know y.?? sbbnya everyday i hv to take 3L of penangan HERBALIFE ler..since i am consuming HERBALIFE, i will take 3L of plain water everyday without fail! (sometimes more than 3L:p) memula tu mmg mcm nak meletop perut nk abiskan 3L.kembong giler..jln pn rs berkocak air dlm perut..kalu aade cacing..gerenti lemas cacing lama kelamaan..i get use to it..bila xckp 3L sehari rs mcm xcomplete idup..cewwaahh..poyo je ayat:p

anyway..back to the skang ni water filter tu rosak lagi..maka tdk dptla aku mengambil air sbyk 3L spti yg aku amalkan hari2..huhu..yg pasti skang ni hari2 aku jadi pelanggan tetap air mineral yg dijual oleh kelab ICT ni.. (malu plak aku tiap2 pagi aku je yg dtg beli air..huh.msti org kata aku kuat minum air) mmg ade plan nak bw air dari tiap2 kali nak kuar umah..aku hnya ingt capai henbeg aku n henbeg en aQeel jek..(henbeg en aQeel ade botol susu jek pn:D) and bile smpai je kat opis..tekak dahaga..nak capai air..air xde..barula teringt aku xcapai botol air ats kabinet kat umah..huhu..padan muka aku..dgn terhegeh2 aku g membeli lagi air mineral dan lagi dan lagi..hmm..bila jadi camni..brla aku sedar betapa pentingnya air dlm kehidupan (erkk..ade kena mengena x..okla tuh..ha kan dah jadi saida plak..ok la tuhh! :p) tula alkisahnya..esok kena ingt jgk nak capai botol air atas kabinet:D

~ ni ler ghopenye filter yg rosak tuh..siap ade notis lagi "Sila Jangan Gunakan Filter Ini, TQ"..huhu~

~ ni antara btl2 mineral yg aku dok beli hr2 tuh..byk dh pn tunggu masa nk buang je nih..

p/s: pn elliya aka mama eyrfan..bile nak repair filter tu eh? huhu..seksa jiwa raga ku ini..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tagged by DYLA


ive been tagged by DYLA ..dh lama terbiar dlm draft jek..hehe..finally i manage to complete it

Soalan: Nyatakan 5 kedai yang anda pantang jumpa mesti nak masuk dan beli barang.

hmmm..5 eh..i thnk i hv more than 5..let say it as....all the shops in Malaysia are my feveret..hahaha..sgt giler bershopping.. (hubby mula pening bile dgr perkataan shopping kuar dr mulut aku:D) .. okla..i just pick 5 of them..

tp aku nak oter sket soklan tuh bole x DYLA? (sukati aku jek nak oter oter:D)..the list 5 are my feveret xdela smpai pantang jumpe msti nak masuk..1stly sbb most of them aku mmg hari2 lalu and nmpk kedai agk parah la kalu stiap kali jmpe nak masuk.xpasal2 org ingt aku pekerja kedai tu plak:P ..and selain itu..yg aku xhari2 lalu plak..bila lalu kadang aku xmasuk gk..sllalunya bkn pntang pantang ingt msti nak pegi kedai tu..ekekek:D
soo..the 1st lucky shop goes to ..... tetttt...

CENTRAL hypermarket

***ha ni la rupe logo dia..hehe..msti ramai xtau kan..sbb aku rs xbyk kot branch dia kat kl nih..kalu sape pnh nampk kat tpt lain selain kat umah aku (area old klang road)..sila btau eh..saje la kan..nak buat lawatan rasmi kat branch dia..hahaha:D kedai ni (kedai ke? besar tau..) letaknya kat depan umah aku jek..dari tingkap bilik aku pn bole nmpk..jln kaki pn sampai..aku slalu shopping brg dapur kat situ..brg xdapur pn kadang beli kat situ jgk..rege dia murah berbanding sume hypermarket kat kl.. (aku dh buat survey yek...harp maklum.. tp brg2 yg aku slalu beli je la..yg xpnh beli xdela aku survey..tkut terbeli..ekeke:p)

MYDIN hypermarket

*** aiseh..gbr kecik la..amik dari tenet..maleh la plak aku nk g tpt tu smata2 nak snap gbr kan..hubby msti xkasi sbbnya aku pntang g sana..mesti kuar gk duit..wlaupn beli lapik lap kaki utk depan pintu selai:D ha ni MYDIN USJ..kitornag mmg slalu gk g sini..hubby la yg paling suka,..katanya tlg majukan org melayu..cewah;) ni pn dekat je ngn umah aku..lalu hi-way sat je dh smpai.. (actually sume MYDIN branch mmg aku suka g..cuma most of the time ke sini la..sbb byk bende bole shoping..hahaha)


*** uish..yg nih aku rs bkn feveret aku jek..hehe..giant ni sume org tau byk branch dia kan..yg paling dekat adlh depan umah aku gk..kat plaza OUG tu..ha so mmg ari2 slalunya kitorang suke g yg jauh..luas sket pemandangan:p me n hubby slalu g giant kinrara..sbb lagi beso..hehe..n paking pn senang..sprti hypermarket yg lain..kitrang shopping brg dapur la mostly..brg xdapur pn kadang2 ade gk...hehe


*** ha aku suka shoping kat sini kalu nak beli suor or baju...kasut n henbeg pn kat sini gk..tu pn bile ade sale..yg slalu ade muka aku bila jusco member sale..haha..saje menyesakkan lagi keadaan yg dh memg sesak..


***errr..bole ke masuk dlm list ni? kedai2 kat jln TAR tu mmg confirm jadi kunjungn aku setiap ari jumaat :D (sejak aku keje kat POS nih.) muka aku mmg ade pnye kat kedai2 kat situ..hehe..tu pn kalu aku xde date or appointment (cewah..gatal je bunyik:D) ngn kwn2..ape yg aku beli aku pn yg pasti balik tgn msti ade plastik berisi brg.. ekekek:D kadang2 sorok2 ngn hubby xnak btau aku beli something kat jln aku kn istri yg baik gitu..esoknye or selang bape ari msti aku btau gk :D

so itu la 5 feveret shops aku..hehe..korang plak camne? meh kita tgk kwn2 kita plak.. (bhasa directnye..aku mengeTAG:)

1) Mija
2) Mija
3) Alyn
4) Connie
5) Khas
6) Niza
7) Nurul dhia
8) Siti
9) Suzi
10) Za
11) Elliya
12) Fied

Monday, February 16, 2009

ikan percik bakar


i made ikan percik for our luncheon last class on the definitely i hv all the time in the world..(mula dh merapu) .... ok..nk view gambo dulu ke nk browse recipe dulu??? ha jawab jgn xjwb.......................

ceh..kalu aku tunggu org jwb deepavali thun dpn pn aku xleh post entry nih..jenuh nak tunggu jwpn lagi..nak analysis lg ( buat tesis plak ade analysis bagai:D) udah ler tuh..jom layan gambo dulu..kalu x kang smpai 3 page aku merapu......

~ha ni bkn ikan percik bakar tu side dish jek..hehehe..pak mat tempe naik motokar.. ni tempe bersira nama dia~

~2 ekor ikan sedang baring berduaan smbil dibaluti kuah percik yg sedap..tunggu mase nak ngap jek~

~ni close up ikan percik bakar~

ok dah abis dh gambo...finishhhhhh..(bak kata aQeel bila susu dia dh abishh:D) here u go the recipe...

ouh..btw, actually i get the recipe frm MyR (alamak xingt plak sape yg post recipe nih..ampun tuan pnye resipi :D) i altered the usual i mixed up the recipes...know how??hehehe..i took few recipes frm different sources..and i mixed it up and ths is the output..hahaha..sukati den jo:p pastuh kan..sbnrnya ni ikn ni versi besela kn..bila ckp mskn klntan seharusnyala manis..mcm orgnya kalantn sila blanja aku mkn eh..hahaha:D

bahannya: (aku xikt sgt style klntanese tu..sbb aku n hubby xleh p la mskn manis..sbb tu kuah percik aku merah jek:D)

semestinya ikan kembonggg yg segor bugor..kalu korang nak guna ikan lain pn bule..ikan mas xleh..
serbuk kunyit
sedikit garam

bahan kisar:
1 biji bwg besar
3 biji bwg putih
1 btg serai
1 inci halia
1 inci lengkuas
1 jari kunyit hidup (kalu xde letak je la kunyit serbuk)
5 sudu cili mesin
5 biji cili padi (kalu nak pedas smpai berapi boh la byk2)
1 inci belacan

bahan utk kuah percik:
300 ml santan pekat (santan kotak pun boleh)
200 ml air
1 keping asam keping..bape byk keping daaa..
1 sb madu..kalu xde letak gula utk ganti..
garam sckp rasa


1) senang jek..memula bakar dulu ikan tu (ikan tu msti la garam kunyit dulu kan.)..balut ikan ngn daun pisang lagi sedap..wangi n xhangit..aku bakar atas kuali jek..api sederhana kecik..pepandaila agk..bakar separuh masak je tau..
2) utk buat kuah percik...masukkan bhn2 kisar kedalam periuk. Tambahkan santan pekat dan air. Masak diatas api sederhana sehingga mendidih..sambil tu sentiasa kacau spya tak pecah minyak. Masukkan garam plak..bila dh mendidih,masukkan asam keping n madu (ikt kemanisan yg diingini)..tunggu mendidih lagi..kepekatan ikt selera..tambah tepung jagung utk pekatkan kuah..
3) ikan yg separuh masak tadi celup kan dlm kuah percik yg dh masak ni..bungkus balik dlm daun pisang n bakar smapai masak..kuah tu akn meresap ke dlm ikan tu..lagi sedap..kalu agk2 mals xyah celup bakar je smpai masak pastu curah kuah atas ikan yg dh siap bakar..pilihan di tgn anda..

simple kan..slamat mencuba.. ;)

hmmmm..where is aQeel yek..ape dia buat time aku masak tu????? jeng jeng jeng..ouhhhh..dia tido rupenye..sbb dia dh pnat buat keje sblm tuh..nak tau ape dia buat..ha besela..keje di dapur kegemaran dia...................................

~uish bznye en aQeel~

Sunday, February 15, 2009



after back frm classes just now (it was 930pm already ok!) i was surprised by my hubby wth 'something' ....OMG i can't believe he can be tht romantic..bought me a cake and attached wth the sweet card..hehehe..layan je la gbr2 nih ek..

anyway..before tht..special thanks to my lovey dovey hubby for the small-but-sweet celebration..seriously i don't expect tht ok.. really really appreciate it..(as mentioned in previous entry..xmoh pk la pasl besday..huhu..dh cecah angka 28.) alhamdulillah aku still dpt merasai hidup pada umur 28 thun ni..29 thun nnti ntah hidup ntah idok..hanya ALLAH yg menegetahui..

p/s: mukaku sgt berkilat..sila abaikan..muka keletihan attend klass haruslah mukaku itu sperti disapu minyak gas :D

~blueberry sponge cake..sedap tau.. (agknya hubby dpt bc naluri aku kot...yg teringn nak mkn kek sponge..ingt nak buat smlm tp kemalasan plak:D)..~

~ish nape la ade angka 28th tu...lenkali kalu nak letk angka tulis jek 21++ ... ha kan manis sket nmpk :D ~

~the lovely card..ape isi nya..biarlah romantik gk ayatnya..i lap u tu musti ade..ekekek~

~tiup lilin ngn aQeel~

~potong kek pn ngn aQeel walupn muka dh terpisat2 ngantuk..:D~


~hubby & aQeel..sonot tgk derang bergumbira;)~

~erkk..mcm nak wrestling jek..aku pn xtau nape pose camtuh..klam kabut nak kejo timing camera tu ler..konon nak peluk bahu hubby skali terlingkor plak kat leher cam nak gusti..wakakakak..sgt ganas!~

~ha ni sopan sket..cuma kain hubby je cam xsopan..ape dh cun2 dia plak berkain plekat jek..hentam saje la labu..~

~eh eh..aQeel lagi la...sian dia..ngntuk2 kitorang pksa gk posing dulu..hahaha..ank yg baik nih..ikt ckp ibu & ayah~

~ ha ni menu of the day..aku masak mee bandung utk hubby before g class..resipi dia nnti aku share dlm next entry eh..dh sangap nih..terkebil2 dh mata aku dok menaip nih..sambung esok no...tata titi tutu...~

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