Friday, November 28, 2008


hmm..looking at the title i think most of people know what it is really.just want to share my very little experience regards herbalife..
first of all..let me start wth my problem that i never thot will bring me to know about herbalife..
sept 08: confirmed by doctor tht i hv an immune system problem which my body was auto immune..its called SLE. my antibody was fighting wth my antibody itself and to prevent from the antibody become more active, i hv to take prednisilone..for those who doesnt know what is prednisilone, it is a drug..(err tu bahasa pasar la..but to show its the worst and the only solution for those who had a problem just like me)..there are more bad effect rather than good effect but i have no choice. or else, the SLE will affect my kidney and others internal organ..scary huh..

if i took prednisilone for long time of period i hv to take other suppliment for my bone because the side efect was it would attacked your just imagine if i continously take the prednisilone, how many pills i hv to take for the whole life..another side effect is prednisilone will make you fat..y? bcoz it makes you feel hungry most of the time.~~ so once i got this confirmation, i am very2 demotivated..unsangkarable i hv that, the SLE was attack women expecially..bak kata org.. 10:1 which is in 10 women wth the SLE possibility for men to get it only start to searching any alternative for me to cure (even not 100% but at least rather than doing nothing)..and..the story about herbalife came out in my office (when i was at ITD). my colleague was taken the product..but for purpose to diet..and then only ive got to know its not only for diet purpose.. so i decided to try it..2 in 1..main purpose is to get rid of all pills for the whole life..sambil tu bole kurus jugak:D thats a little bit info how i get to know HERBALIFE..

since its already 510pm..almotst at the end of my opis hour..hehhee..i continue in the next entry on the details of my changes;)



actually this is chapter II of previous entry..cewah..ade chapter2 la plak. ok back to the topic, i would like to share about my GUYS besday celebration.. my HuBbY and my AqEeL;) previous entry i story about the birthday..and now is the celebration.
so..the event was on sunday after Maghrib..around 8pm perhaps..cewah event event la plak..mcm besar jek:D
saturday: i made a cheesecake ~ oreo cheesecake..sounds good huh..hehehe..the recipe was good but since this is my 1st attemp doing cheesecake, i spoil the base - it supposed to be crunchy but soft but mined not too crunchy not too soft..hehehe..i think doesnt matter because its my recipe..i determined to have a cake like that (kih kih kih..pandai la nak cover;p) hmm even the base not as per original recipe, still tasty...and i think ive got a lesson on this..the longer you keep the cheesecake in the fridge, the better it taste..mined, i only freezing it less than 12 hrs..i do it @12am and done @ 2am (saturday nite)..
before that i make a batik cookies..(i didnt snap a photo la..huhu..rugi..bcoz that 1 i do it successfully..good taste and nice look.i use to do it previously..thats y confirm jadik:D) so thats my tentative for that day..
sunday: i hv a class in the morning 9am-2pm..after my class i reached home @3pm..i only hv approximately 4hrs to prepare all the things..things that i hv to do:
1) kuah soto
2) begedil (for soto)
3) misc - potong daun sup, nasi impit and etc etc..
hmm..i dont beleive i could do these alone..luckily my sister sned her maid to assist me..hehe least she can potong2 and whatsoever..:D
after maghrib, my mom and my sister the whole family reached and later after that my SIL reached..then we sing a happy birthday song for hubby and aqeel..and finally, we all eating2 while chit chat2..hehehe;)
ive upload some of the photos..
~~oReo cheesecake~~
~~the birthday cake~~
~~aYah n aQeeL tiup lilin..aqeel tu action jek~~
~~potong kek plak~~

~~wondering y ayah snap the foods without uncovered it??~~
~~xpela..tgk bekas je la..dlm dia as menu mentioned:D~~
~~aQeel dpt beskal frm mak long~~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HapPy BirTHdaY AQEeL & aYaH;)

Actually i was trying to post this entry yesterday which was 26th November 2008..Aqeel's 1st besday..however i duno y i cant even go to my blog setting or posting..huhuhu..
anyway..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved son..Muhammad Harraz Aqeel..he is 1 yr old now..times running so fast huh. i feel like just give a birth to Aqeel..and now he is 1 yr old..hmm. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ayah beloved hubby;) his besday was on 24th nov...just nice..very i can celebrate it one short..

so...lets checkout what can Aqeel do at this age and what had been done;)
1) can make a step olready..emm..i think we should define it as 'walk' bcoz he had done many steps..aqeel start crawling a little bit late from others..i remember 1 articles i hv read saying that "good crawlers often are late walkers"..perhaps tu yg cepat dia jalan.
2) can shake cute anak ibu;)
3) can feed a bottle independently..sumtimes when he want to feed but his bottle was covered, he will make a sound while holding the cover..then we know that he want to feed..actually he able to do this since he was 9 mth if am not mistaken..pandai anak ibu..
4) know how to play..sampai ibu n ayah pn xlarat nak main dh..
5) like to swimming at swimming fact he know when is the timing to go for swimming..when the times coming,he will go to ayah and climb on ayah (err..can i use the word climb..hmm mcm nak climb mountain long as people can understand what im trying to say:D)..hmm Aqeel like to play water very much..even since born,never cry when having a bath..
6) Can take and give things if we asked for it..but only the small2 thing that he can hold kadang helmet pn dia blasah je nak angkat..
7) can make funny and cutie sound..sumtimes i heard he said 'ayah'..but never heard he said 'ibu'..used to hear 'mak'..i think thats very common..logically mak is the simple word rather than ibu...
8) eating??? so worried about this thing..he dont like to eat porridge..he stop eating nestum just recently..maybe its normal at this age bcoz he like to play so much rather than doing nothing..but doctor has told me that if the baby dont want to eat its ok..just train long as he still put on i keep the words..:D ..

just to share an info about baby's apetite..."Keep in mind that although babies triple their birth weight during the first year, they add only about a quarter of their weight during the second year. Maybe your little ravenous one has slowed down because she'd rather be playing; maybe she's testing her newfound independence. Teething also can make your baby lose interest in food" -> mmg aqeel love to teething..sume dia nak teething..kerusi, pn dia nak teething..ish ish ish..mcm anak hulk plak;p

9) can sleep on the bed..but only at night..siang jgn harap ler..mesti nak masuk buaian..but we try to train him slowly.. the best thing, he only want to sleep wth me..even his ayah pn dia xmau..but when he sleeping..xkisah dah..
10) emm i think i should stop here..if i make a list it can be 3-4 pages..;p

so..about the celebration..i was doing a small makan2 within famili members..since ayah's besday is 24th Nov and Aqeel is 26th so i just combine the celebration..guess what..ive made a cheesecake for them..proud of myself..hehehe..i'll story in next entry completely wth photos;)

Friday, November 14, 2008


My eagerness was at a high level to write about this story..actually I just read Asyida’s blog and the latest entry was about her sister’s maid. So I think I would like to share my experience too. Let me introduce a little bit about her. Her name was Erna..shes INDONESIAN. I never know specifically where she comes from and Im not interested to know though. Shes married and got 2 daughters which she left at INDON. Her husband was a contractor labor somewhere in Klang. @ 1st, we the whole family was not agree on my sister decision to take the maid (Erna tu ler) bcoz we know that her husband was here in Malaysia. Its not that we are accusing she is bad if her husband was here but we just precaution. Her husband has working here for quite some time. So definitely she will always listen to her husband and not afraid to my sister. Our expectation was RITE!! Everything she done was her husband instruction. Know what, we just got to know that actually her plan to work with my sister was as a way for her to get into Malaysia and after a while working wth my sister, she plan to quit and ask my sister to send her to her husband and work wth her husband. Guess whose plan is that??? HER HUSBAND. Most INDON was thinking that they are clever enough to cheating people but the fact is they are really ST****.

No need to tell the whole story what had she done to my sister..(xbaik plak mengumpat lebih2..hehehe)but the climax to the drama was she tell my sister to quit..and my sister say nothing (xyah ler nak pujuk2 ke or tanya2 nape nak benti..dh buat dh dulu..dorang saje je nak ugut n tunjuk keras kepala) sister asked her to packed all her things..she think that my sister will send her to her husband she packed her things excitedly;p …actually my sister send her to my mom’s house while settle everything necessary on her contract wth the agent. My sister told her that she has to pay RM2k as a gantirugi becoz the contract was for 2 years but she quit after 8 mths.When reached at my mom’s house, she was calling her husband outside. After the call, she go to my sister and say (wth INDON slang and I guess it was instructed by her husband) :

HER: kalau rm1.5 bole la sy 2k sy xde duit. Tapi bukan ke 3 bulan pertama sy keje tanpa gaji? (usually kan kalu amik maid dari agent, dorang kena keje tanpa gaji 3 bln utk cover balik duit ape tah..aku pn xsure)

MY Sister: kamu ingt tu dh selesai ke hutang bkn amik duit gaji kamu..tapi duit sy yg sy dulukan utk bawa kamu masuk sini. Bila kamu keje xckp tempoh, sy rugi sbb sy dh byr byk duit pada agen utk dptkan kamu. Jadi kerugian sy tu kamu kena tanggung la.

Actually she was thinking that after working for 3 mth without pay, she has settled everything and she can quit to look for other job...and my sister explain detail to her that she cannot be in Malaysia if she quit. My sister has to send her back to indon becoz she was enter Malaysia using working pass n visa and its under employer name which is my that’s y they cannot stay in Malaysia and looking other job..xpasal2 kalu depa buat jenayah my sister yg kena tanggung.. that’s y I said..INDON nih..they think they are clever enough but actually its not. And now she still working wth my sister after realized the fact..the best sister sound her: “kalau x tau pasal undang2 malaysia jgn ni org Malaysia..ingt senang2 nak tipu sy”..salute u my sister;)

I think my sister treat her good enough and even we the whole family treat her like family..but…nothing to say anymore..the moral of the story is “INDON is remain the same”…don’t get trap wth them..they are soft-spoken...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ajib in memory :(

Ive got a bad news and feel very sad. my fren Ajib(eventhough we are not so close) which I knew him from my another fren was died in the moto accident last was a terrible accident I guess..he knocked the car that parked beside the highway..the worst thing is the driver was on the phone so he simply park the car beside the road and its not a straight road which people can see the car but it was just after the hill which people definitely cant see and cant expect there is a car after the hill. So just imagine. It’s a highway..of course u know what is the speed.feel so angry wth this kind of people who never think about other fren was coma after the accident and finally he go to his CREATOR..i can feel how his fiancé feeling rite now..once ive got the news..i was very2 shocked..bcoz I just chat with him tru YM last last week..and we just meet back (tru frenster & YM) after we lost contact for some times and suddenly he was gone..and NEVER MEET again…huhu..Takziah to his family and his fiancé..lets recite AL-FATIHAH for him..semoga ROH nya dicucuri Rahmat Allah dan ditempatkan disamping org2 yg beriman…AL-Fatihah..


Waaahh.. Quite sometimes I didn’t update my blog. Huhu..what to do..i just join my new company..a lots of NEW things..thats y my title NEW;)
Firstly, I am at the NEW organization which is Pos Malaysia Berhad – ICT department..specifically in IT Strategyc & Planning Division..with a NEW role as a system analyst or so called Planning & QA analyst. Sounds interesting huh..but quite challenging..yes it previous experience in doing procurement is a part of a job scope..ONLY a part..means there are a few more I have to do (which means NEW things) and its more on planning & QA for Pos ICT. I will take in charge for all SBU for POS which is PosLaju, PosMel, PosNiaga & PosLogistic on regards IT related which is focusing on their application system. So, with my NEW workstation which I think quite comfortable becoz I am provided wth a big workspace n separated each other wth a high cubicle (line clear;p)..ive got NEW colleagues (BIG numbers of colleagues)..which is NEW experience and NEW environment for me..
Alhamdulillah finally Allah answered me..i always pray to Allah to get a better job in a big organization..specifically I aimed to be a gov.servant (eventhough most people underestimate this kind of job but I just thinking of the benefit) but I just got the GLC..still ok for me as long as the benefit was good.;)
soo..wish me best of luck for my NEW job;)
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