Friday, November 28, 2008


hmm..looking at the title i think most of people know what it is really.just want to share my very little experience regards herbalife..
first of all..let me start wth my problem that i never thot will bring me to know about herbalife..
sept 08: confirmed by doctor tht i hv an immune system problem which my body was auto immune..its called SLE. my antibody was fighting wth my antibody itself and to prevent from the antibody become more active, i hv to take prednisilone..for those who doesnt know what is prednisilone, it is a drug..(err tu bahasa pasar la..but to show its the worst and the only solution for those who had a problem just like me)..there are more bad effect rather than good effect but i have no choice. or else, the SLE will affect my kidney and others internal organ..scary huh..

if i took prednisilone for long time of period i hv to take other suppliment for my bone because the side efect was it would attacked your just imagine if i continously take the prednisilone, how many pills i hv to take for the whole life..another side effect is prednisilone will make you fat..y? bcoz it makes you feel hungry most of the time.~~ so once i got this confirmation, i am very2 demotivated..unsangkarable i hv that, the SLE was attack women expecially..bak kata org.. 10:1 which is in 10 women wth the SLE possibility for men to get it only start to searching any alternative for me to cure (even not 100% but at least rather than doing nothing)..and..the story about herbalife came out in my office (when i was at ITD). my colleague was taken the product..but for purpose to diet..and then only ive got to know its not only for diet purpose.. so i decided to try it..2 in 1..main purpose is to get rid of all pills for the whole life..sambil tu bole kurus jugak:D thats a little bit info how i get to know HERBALIFE..

since its already 510pm..almotst at the end of my opis hour..hehhee..i continue in the next entry on the details of my changes;)

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