Wednesday, December 3, 2008

herbalife part II


cewah ade part II plak..hehe..emm where should i start from. k..cont. frm the last entry..on regards my SLE. Just to update on my check up result which i had gone tru last Monday. After almost 7 weeks i consumed HERBALIFE, my SLE reading which at the beginning is 53 and now it was 29..amazingly, huge differentiation..the doct. seems shock to see result but i didnt told her that i am consuming HERBALIFE (i dont want her words on alternative prod. demotivate me..but will tell her 1 day:D)..the butterfly rashes on my face has gone..i duno perhaps its bcoz of the medicine i take but i confident the fast progress was contributed by HERBALIFE..Alhamdulillah, Allah permits all this thing happen..the key is USAHA then only TAWAKAL;) thats on regards my health specifically my WEIGHT??? from last check up wth my Weight Management Coach, ive lost 4kg (will mentioned my kg later la..skang ni berat lagi..nnti sume surprised:D) within 7 weeks and my total inches lost is 12" (for the whole body yer)..obviously i feel the lose when i can wear back my old clothes which i peram in my wardrobe for years ago (sbb xbole pakai langsung..ketat:D) in fact people around me notice i am slim than before(especailly after give birth,i was very FAT ok..) will upload my piccas later to show me before and after consume HERBALIFE;)
now i feel soooooooo good nad hepi..y???? bcoz:
1) my SLE reading shows improvement..i beleive i can get rid of all the supply for SLE neither soon nor later..insyaAllah
2) my KG lose 4kg as at last check up (27th Oct now should be more kg lose..even i can feel tho)
3) my body more energetic than, my routine as a employee, wife and student was very PACKED..after consuming HERBALIFE, i still can do house work until 12pm-1am (yela balik keje main2 ngn anak sampai kul 9 dia tido then baru buat keje..tu yg lmbt siap:D)
** know what, everyday i only sleep for 5 hours..EVERYDAY includes weekend (i can student lagi..weekend sambung class plak) joking.. but Alhamdulillah even i feel the tired but i can cope with energy still there and i confident,nothing to be worried bcoz i take HERBALIFE, i know that my body get their nutrition enough as per required.. amazing..again, back to the greatfull CREATOR to permits all those things happen:)

Again, Alhamdulillah and thanx to Allah bcoz ONLY by HIS permitted, whatever our try will works..
~ saje upload gbr aQeel buat muka gedikss..:D ~
i love u son:*

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yaAllah.. amazing story.. :) sekarang macam mana? SLE u ok tak?

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