Tuesday, December 23, 2008

aQeeL in action


ths entry dedicated for aQeel..(even he can't even speaking..inikan plak reading:D) lets browse...

he like to do this no matter what the thing is..after put it on his mouth then just live it hang like tht..
we were busying watching TV..he has his own mission..dok punggah kabinet..
aQeel: "yes..i got this..phewww..xsia2 pungga kabinet ibu! "

when he saw people holding a camera n focus on his face, this will happen..:D (pandai belakon nih..sumtime even after crying still can smiling for photos..)

this 1 common la..post like a statue..hehehe..suka2 jek aku nih..aqeel dressing in pyjamas..ayah took him to playground downstair coz he is shouting for swimming:D senang jek nak pujuk aQeel nih..hehehe..good boy son!

no matter what was happening around, once he got his "playing toy" he dont bother anymore..huhu,..thts y my hp was brokedown.. its good actually..can be a reason to switch to another new hp:D
ni ayah punye keje la nih..mmg xde keje..know y my hubby took aQeel pic. besides the post box?? bcoz i am working at the owner of the post box..ceh..ayah ni lucu la..;p


Anonymous said...

suka la tgk gambar yg dia senyum ngan buat lidah tu..comel sgt..macam ibu dia:P hehe...semoga dia menjadi anak yg soleh, bijaksana, berguna pada agama, bangsa dan negara.. Sesungguhnya ayah bahagia dan bersyukur dapat memiliki kalian berdua..ibu dan aqeel. kalian la permata hati ayah :X

Suziey Ahmad said...

hubby: hehehe..touching nye..thanks abg..me too..sgt bahagia dan bersyukur hidup bersama abg + aqeel;) i love u..
hehe..sorry yek readers..feeling2 ngn my laling sket..(ade ke readers:D)

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