Wednesday, December 17, 2008

thumb drive

(nih kira dh xde topic la nih..:D )
actually i plan to post this entry few days ago (rite after my hubby bought it for me:D)...but i didnt dit it bcoz the mood is not coming la..posting entry nih must be in the mood..doesnt matter what mood u r in..(mind my phrase yek..berterabur sket:p) ok back to the story. after complaining to my hubby that i am so boring at the office wth nothing to do (as i mentioned in previous entry many of the website at my office was blocked), mmg btul2 mati kutu la..i cant read online paper (as i did usually b4), i cant watch or movie (pc nih cd-rom pn xde..adehh..sengal), i cant listening to music.. ->> ha this is the reason why my hubby bought me new thumb drive wth of course bigger size (errkk i mean the capacity)..know y i cant listening to music??? bcoz i even cannot save my playlist..huhu..nak tau spec pc nih...2.8GHz processor, 256MB of ram and 40GB of CD-ROM..(nasib baik la USB port ade..well pc dell mmg integrated wth the USB port..xkira la cikai camne pn) just imagine my pc performance..huhu.if i click to see a picture in the frenster, i think i can go for cooking while waiting the piccas uploaded...nak menangis air mata darah..but now i have no feeling dh..dh redha dgn pc nih..its ok..i dont mind.....(huhu..sob..sob..di dalam hati:( ..)..luckily i still hv blogg tu blogging and frenster to frenster-ing..ok back to the hubby bought Kingstone thumbdrive (4GB) for me to save all the songs, movie or whatsoever that i need to get rid of the terrible boring (, at this moment i am still jobless..bkn xde keje menganggur tu yek..but not really xde keje la..ade tp i am too keje settle sekelip mata..uwekk..loya plak tekak nak taip ni..prasan btol:D)..tersasar lagi..i think ive been attacked by a big disaster..everything was mixed in my mind..just like we mixed the cake ingredients..erkkkk..ok enough..stop it!!! (break->rest my mind, organizing my brain neatly:D)
ok where i am..emm..ha..regarding the Kingston thumbdrive..n the price is very cheap..rm26 only!!..very the..mase zaman study U dulu..punyela bapak mahal...256MB = RM80++ if am not mistaken..dahla beso bagak fizikalnya...skang ni bkn 256MB, 4GB is cheaper than fast tecnology is moving..
~blue-ish 4GB kingston~
~my collection of thumbdrive~

~DELL (256MB jek), yg putih tu xingt brand ape~
**but..Alhamdulillah i have those thumbdrive..every thumbdrive different usage..
DELL 256MB-> usage: all the assignment n notes. since 256MB only so enoughla for word n excell..some more xkisah kalu kena virus..uum pc is full of the thumb drive use to transfer or save data using uum pc must be separated..or else..hmmm no word*#:D o ye..these thumbdrive i got for free when i was in ITCapital..;)
?? 2GB(white color) -> i got for free too..usage: my master project (i make sure the safety..olwiz scan for viruses, precautious:) )..utk project need huge capacity.. ++ other misc thing..recipe pn dlm nih:D
Kingston 4GB -> yeay..all the interactive media application dlm, video klip, songs..n my personal photos..(this 1 pn olwiz scan for viruses)
**Those important thumb drive i will never plug at the anonymous pc.. ;)

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