Friday, December 5, 2008

30 minutes..


actually i hv nothing to do..not really nothing to do la..a lot to do actually..(ha dh kuar dh bahasa hindu aku nih:D) week will be my hectic week i guess..a lot things to do.. next Friday my dateline to submit BSC (balanced score card..ala yg mcm appraisal tu) for all execs in ICT..huhu..40's of them..grrr..sempat ke week also need to submit ED (entrepreneurship dev.) assignment..arghh...journal review..i hate to do that..journal dh la >20 pages..what to do..i hv to do..kang xgrad plak week raya haji..yeay ..esok hari raya..(sambil menyanyi kecil dlm hati..gedikss btol;p) fo hari raya haji nih, i hv to cook..what im gonna cook..we'll usual nnti i post la my sukati recipe tu:D ...ang now..i still typing the blog instead of doing "lot things to do" this moment, this hour and this minute, i am so is 30 minutes to go home..40 minutes by 10 minutes tu tolak utk g solat asar..:D
p/s: pls ignore my posting time bcoz my pc time was late 10 minutes..tah pape tah..xleh nak adjust plak was under administrator control..what the he**.

so i better stop now or else, i will use the 30 minutes to solat that supposed to be waiting time to go back..hehehe..betuah btoi..

hv u ever feel like what im feeling rite now???..the laziestt moment:D pls dont answer me..or else i am motivated to be laziestt bcoz i can predict the answer of course YES;p...ahakss...#$%^.....


MiJa said...

me! me!
saya selalu terasa sangat malas!

btw,anda dah dijemput yer..hehe

Suziey Ahmad said...

yeay yeay..ade kawan:D

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