Monday, December 22, 2008

dating :)


supposed this entry come 1st then follow by the reicpe the chronology, this happened on the Friday while the cooking time was on Saturday:D but it doesnt matter..nothings wrong rite;)
actually ive got a replacement class on last friday nite..for strategic management..the class was at while waiting for the going out for a date!..its like for ages we didnt out for date (date mcm mase bercintan cintun tuh;p)..perhaps since AqeeL was arrived:D i asked my mom to take care of Aqeel for tht nite only..hehehe..skali skala nak dating berdua kan;p so we had a dinner at 1001 Dinar tomyam restaurant which was located somewhere in PJ. menu of the nite are:

~siakap 3 rasa~

~kailan ikan masin~

~thai seafood tomyam~

~sotong goreng tepung~

**this part i hate so much..look at the sotong goreng tepung..the sotong is only as big as a ring! the rest of it is tepung. tipah tertipu..huhu..frm my experience, i never found the best sotong goreng tepung in KL. the best i found was in Kuala Perlis and Pangkor Island..last time we ate it was 2 yrs back..when we are having our honeymoons:D

anyway back to d story..after having a full plate of dinner..we went for Maghrib prayer @ petronas nearby then my hubby sent me to the class..although its only a couples of hour but we did really enjoy the lovely moment and such a romantic dinner;) thanks hubby..i love u!


maylyn said...

makan fried calamari at Kunang2 rm7(kot) 1 basket. Served with tartar sauce. Layan sebab dia liat2

Suziey Ahmad said...

maylyn: o really?rm7 is worthit kalu sedap..but i think, most place rege dia mmg camtu..cuma rasa xsama..neway thnax for info..bole try kat sana lepas nih..;)

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