Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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hmm..i think in this entry i would like to add on a litle bit regarding my previous entry... to tell the truth, at 1st i decided to consume HERBALIFE is just for the purpose of my health (nak kurus pn bole la ..2 in 1 kan:D) as i told i dont want to take a medicine as a routine suppliment..i dont want to feed my body wth those drugs..i never thot of making money when consuming u know its a MLM..and for those who know me..i hv tried sooooooooooo many MLM and i was born NOT to be succeed in MLM...hehe..but HERBALIFE? yet i still duno my future direction on making money wth HERBALIFE..just let it be..i just focus on my main purpose..actually its really great if i can share wth people the goods and benefits i get from HERBALIFE.. and let people decide on not doing marketing tho..even i feel i do:D actually u dont need big effort to promote on certain2 product..bcoz for me best product shows good result..and what i need to do is just show the result.. lets the result talk for u..simple rite;) and what i had done for the results i get is just replace 2 meals (my heavy meals which i choose, breakfast and dinner) with shakes and take 1 normal meal -> i prefered my all what u want as usual..even nasi beriani also can BUT dont double ur quantity frm usual..this is wrong..just eat as u are before its like prime time..where u can eat..fell like mcm baru lepas kuar to eat:D seriously thats what i feel..and i manage to lose weight tho..for those people sometimes sceptical on this thing..they assume when we are on diet program, we cannot eat much..its not ok.u just have to monitor what u eat..when u already supply ur body wth good nutrition as per required by body, mmg dgn sdiri u feel like "eh syg la nak mkn yg oily sgt..sian body i:D" pandai je aku buat ayat..hehehe..mind my word plsss.. ouh btw, in between having a shake and lunch time, i drink Tea Mix (1.5L)..this will help to detox ur body(its internal body cleansing actually). It helps in cleaning all the fatty , oily greasy food that ive been eaten all the day and also helping to increase metabolism i drink another 1.5L of plain water..
it might takes sometimes for your body to understand and change your eat routine that u hv been practice for 27 yrs (aku ler tuh:D)..its not easy but now after 7 weeks i used to it..ok la..xla susah long as ur spirit is there no matter for what reason you are consuming HERBALIFE;)
FYI, Herbalife shake ni low calories and at the same time high fibre containts 55 nutriens & 18 Acid Amino uniquely designed to complement and balance ALL THE NUTRITION THE BODY NEEDS. So in order to lose weight you need to cut down your daily calory intake( using BMR calculation) or just simple estimation. 1200kcal per day for women. so just imagine hows HERBALIFE helps;) shakes provide the ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins that are important for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.
Just to share an INFO:
Herbalife products are not only for lose weight. The same products, F1, F3, Tea Mix all can be used for the following:
* Lose Weight
* Gain Weight
* Health and Weight Maintenance->A lot of people out there misunderstood that Weight Management = Lose Weight. Well, i would say partially correct. Weight Management consist of Lose Weight, Gain Weight and Maintain Weight actually!! Maintenance period is the important part to take avoid ur body back to normal before HERBALIFE.
* Gain energy
* Gain muscle
Herbalife in Malaysia started to promote the product for weight loss. That is why, a lot of people is thinking that it is slimming products. This is not true. F1, F3, Tea Mix is categorized as health supplements of health food products for general health being. The product is so good that it can be used by anyone to achieve the results that they wanted, be it to lose weight/gain weight/gain health.

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