Friday, December 12, 2008

Website Unblocker


Have u ever heard / use website unblocker..congrates for those who ever heard /use hehehe..ive just got to know aboout hubby searching it for me..well, since my office internet access was sooo limited..nama je i am in ICT tu nak block,website ni nak block,..and the worst thing is i even cannot check my yahoo mail. huh..but i am expected this will happen..besela..kalu masuk company yg ala2 gomen kan..rsnya pure gomen pn xde camni kot..block memblock..ade ke..hmm let it be unanswered:D

so the websites blocked are:
2) all online news such Utusan online, Metro online etc ...(tu yg jadi mcm dok dlm gua xtau brite...tgk tv pn skali skala:D)
3) You Tube ape tah lagi...
4) (huhu..missed my pass time layan ezora kat tv3:D)
5) Photopages...
6) etc (yg canggih2 ade movie and all those interactive media of course ler block)
*but i am curious Frenster is unblocked! idea whether they missed it or just let it be since majority here is middest perhaps they didnt layan this kind of no need to block..ekekek..thats my personal theory ok..anyway thank god..i still can frenster-ing and BLOGGING;)

let me share wth people out there who never know about this (just like me before:D)..
-> its only required 1 simple click.. ..insyaAllah sure lepas enjoy your fav.blocked website;)

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