Wednesday, December 17, 2008

good news :)


waah..2 entries in 1 day..abis lepak ler nih:p.. actually i really in a good very happy..y???..becoz i just rec. a call frm my hubby..its not love call yek...this is ofice hour..bkn cintan cintun hour;p (poyos jek:D) ...ok back to the story..he called me to tell me he want to buy our son's FM..but its not the reason i am so hepi..the actual reason hubby told me he just came back from the clinic for check up..previously he olwiz get head ache..i am worried bcoz he has a hypertension (HBP) when he has a head ache i know that his BP must be going up..but..after the check up, the doctor said that he is LOW BLOOD PRESSURE!!..i was..huh..very2 shocked..know y..his BP was never ever lower than border line (since he got this hypertense)..all the ulam2 dia belasah..all the alternative way he tried but his blood was sooooooooo DEGIL..never tolerate wth all those definitely when he told me that he is low blood pressure i am very shock...seriously very the..pheww...but deeply in my heart, ALHAMDULILLAH..thanks a lot to The Almighty Allah..bcoz of his permit, all can be done;)
bcoz of our we saw the result..

FYI, my hubby was consuming HERBALIFE too..and the reason is of course his hypertense 1st he refuse to consume HERBALIFE..he seems like give up and deeply in his heart i know that he dont believe it. but i try my BEST to persuade and influence him to try it..n finally he agree..and Alhamdulillah for the good fact, his weight drop faster than i feel very2 relief on the good news..ALHAMDULILLAH..

**NOW, the doctor asked him to reduce the medicine..bcoz of the hypertense medicine + consuming HERBALIFE, his BP was drop..thats y doc advice him to reduce the pills..hope after this we both can get rid of all those pills and drugs.. do pray for us frens..we need ur support;)

** credit to Laily (ITD) who introduce me to HERBALIFE..HERBALIFE really change our lifestyle..cewah..but seriously, i am less stressfull after HERBALIFE..bcoz of OUR health improvement after HERBALIFE..again..back to the GREAT CREATOR, Almighty Allah for permits all these thing happen..Alhamdulillah;)


Anonymous said...

terima kasih syg sbb sanggup bersusah payah berhempas pulas meyakinkan abg untuk guna herbalife. skrang dah nampak hasilnya.abg pun dah kembali bersemangat nak teruskan herba life skrang adalah untuk membebaskan hidup kita dari dadah..say no to prednisilone:D so lepas ni kena konsisten la minum herbalife ni. takleh buat lupa2 minum macam hari2 lalu:P

Suziey Ahmad said...

Hubby gue: hehe..alhamdulillah..usaha tangga kejayaan..selbihnya tawakal pada Allah Ta'ala;)tu la.pasnih jgn buat2 lupe eh..caiyok2;)

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