Friday, November 14, 2008


My eagerness was at a high level to write about this story..actually I just read Asyida’s blog and the latest entry was about her sister’s maid. So I think I would like to share my experience too. Let me introduce a little bit about her. Her name was Erna..shes INDONESIAN. I never know specifically where she comes from and Im not interested to know though. Shes married and got 2 daughters which she left at INDON. Her husband was a contractor labor somewhere in Klang. @ 1st, we the whole family was not agree on my sister decision to take the maid (Erna tu ler) bcoz we know that her husband was here in Malaysia. Its not that we are accusing she is bad if her husband was here but we just precaution. Her husband has working here for quite some time. So definitely she will always listen to her husband and not afraid to my sister. Our expectation was RITE!! Everything she done was her husband instruction. Know what, we just got to know that actually her plan to work with my sister was as a way for her to get into Malaysia and after a while working wth my sister, she plan to quit and ask my sister to send her to her husband and work wth her husband. Guess whose plan is that??? HER HUSBAND. Most INDON was thinking that they are clever enough to cheating people but the fact is they are really ST****.

No need to tell the whole story what had she done to my sister..(xbaik plak mengumpat lebih2..hehehe)but the climax to the drama was she tell my sister to quit..and my sister say nothing (xyah ler nak pujuk2 ke or tanya2 nape nak benti..dh buat dh dulu..dorang saje je nak ugut n tunjuk keras kepala) sister asked her to packed all her things..she think that my sister will send her to her husband she packed her things excitedly;p …actually my sister send her to my mom’s house while settle everything necessary on her contract wth the agent. My sister told her that she has to pay RM2k as a gantirugi becoz the contract was for 2 years but she quit after 8 mths.When reached at my mom’s house, she was calling her husband outside. After the call, she go to my sister and say (wth INDON slang and I guess it was instructed by her husband) :

HER: kalau rm1.5 bole la sy 2k sy xde duit. Tapi bukan ke 3 bulan pertama sy keje tanpa gaji? (usually kan kalu amik maid dari agent, dorang kena keje tanpa gaji 3 bln utk cover balik duit ape tah..aku pn xsure)

MY Sister: kamu ingt tu dh selesai ke hutang bkn amik duit gaji kamu..tapi duit sy yg sy dulukan utk bawa kamu masuk sini. Bila kamu keje xckp tempoh, sy rugi sbb sy dh byr byk duit pada agen utk dptkan kamu. Jadi kerugian sy tu kamu kena tanggung la.

Actually she was thinking that after working for 3 mth without pay, she has settled everything and she can quit to look for other job...and my sister explain detail to her that she cannot be in Malaysia if she quit. My sister has to send her back to indon becoz she was enter Malaysia using working pass n visa and its under employer name which is my that’s y they cannot stay in Malaysia and looking other job..xpasal2 kalu depa buat jenayah my sister yg kena tanggung.. that’s y I said..INDON nih..they think they are clever enough but actually its not. And now she still working wth my sister after realized the fact..the best sister sound her: “kalau x tau pasal undang2 malaysia jgn ni org Malaysia..ingt senang2 nak tipu sy”..salute u my sister;)

I think my sister treat her good enough and even we the whole family treat her like family..but…nothing to say anymore..the moral of the story is “INDON is remain the same”…don’t get trap wth them..they are soft-spoken...

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-zalehaj- said...

suziey sungguh rajin mengupdate blognya... hehehe.. keep up d good work

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