Thursday, November 13, 2008


Waaahh.. Quite sometimes I didn’t update my blog. Huhu..what to do..i just join my new company..a lots of NEW things..thats y my title NEW;)
Firstly, I am at the NEW organization which is Pos Malaysia Berhad – ICT department..specifically in IT Strategyc & Planning Division..with a NEW role as a system analyst or so called Planning & QA analyst. Sounds interesting huh..but quite challenging..yes it previous experience in doing procurement is a part of a job scope..ONLY a part..means there are a few more I have to do (which means NEW things) and its more on planning & QA for Pos ICT. I will take in charge for all SBU for POS which is PosLaju, PosMel, PosNiaga & PosLogistic on regards IT related which is focusing on their application system. So, with my NEW workstation which I think quite comfortable becoz I am provided wth a big workspace n separated each other wth a high cubicle (line clear;p)..ive got NEW colleagues (BIG numbers of colleagues)..which is NEW experience and NEW environment for me..
Alhamdulillah finally Allah answered me..i always pray to Allah to get a better job in a big organization..specifically I aimed to be a gov.servant (eventhough most people underestimate this kind of job but I just thinking of the benefit) but I just got the GLC..still ok for me as long as the benefit was good.;)
soo..wish me best of luck for my NEW job;)

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