Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ajib in memory :(

Ive got a bad news and feel very sad. my fren Ajib(eventhough we are not so close) which I knew him from my another fren was died in the moto accident last was a terrible accident I guess..he knocked the car that parked beside the highway..the worst thing is the driver was on the phone so he simply park the car beside the road and its not a straight road which people can see the car but it was just after the hill which people definitely cant see and cant expect there is a car after the hill. So just imagine. It’s a highway..of course u know what is the speed.feel so angry wth this kind of people who never think about other fren was coma after the accident and finally he go to his CREATOR..i can feel how his fiancé feeling rite now..once ive got the news..i was very2 shocked..bcoz I just chat with him tru YM last last week..and we just meet back (tru frenster & YM) after we lost contact for some times and suddenly he was gone..and NEVER MEET again…huhu..Takziah to his family and his fiancé..lets recite AL-FATIHAH for him..semoga ROH nya dicucuri Rahmat Allah dan ditempatkan disamping org2 yg beriman…AL-Fatihah..

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