Thursday, November 27, 2008

HapPy BirTHdaY AQEeL & aYaH;)

Actually i was trying to post this entry yesterday which was 26th November 2008..Aqeel's 1st besday..however i duno y i cant even go to my blog setting or posting..huhuhu..
anyway..HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved son..Muhammad Harraz Aqeel..he is 1 yr old now..times running so fast huh. i feel like just give a birth to Aqeel..and now he is 1 yr old..hmm. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ayah beloved hubby;) his besday was on 24th nov...just nice..very i can celebrate it one short..

so...lets checkout what can Aqeel do at this age and what had been done;)
1) can make a step olready..emm..i think we should define it as 'walk' bcoz he had done many steps..aqeel start crawling a little bit late from others..i remember 1 articles i hv read saying that "good crawlers often are late walkers"..perhaps tu yg cepat dia jalan.
2) can shake cute anak ibu;)
3) can feed a bottle independently..sumtimes when he want to feed but his bottle was covered, he will make a sound while holding the cover..then we know that he want to feed..actually he able to do this since he was 9 mth if am not mistaken..pandai anak ibu..
4) know how to play..sampai ibu n ayah pn xlarat nak main dh..
5) like to swimming at swimming fact he know when is the timing to go for swimming..when the times coming,he will go to ayah and climb on ayah (err..can i use the word climb..hmm mcm nak climb mountain long as people can understand what im trying to say:D)..hmm Aqeel like to play water very much..even since born,never cry when having a bath..
6) Can take and give things if we asked for it..but only the small2 thing that he can hold kadang helmet pn dia blasah je nak angkat..
7) can make funny and cutie sound..sumtimes i heard he said 'ayah'..but never heard he said 'ibu'..used to hear 'mak'..i think thats very common..logically mak is the simple word rather than ibu...
8) eating??? so worried about this thing..he dont like to eat porridge..he stop eating nestum just recently..maybe its normal at this age bcoz he like to play so much rather than doing nothing..but doctor has told me that if the baby dont want to eat its ok..just train long as he still put on i keep the words..:D ..

just to share an info about baby's apetite..."Keep in mind that although babies triple their birth weight during the first year, they add only about a quarter of their weight during the second year. Maybe your little ravenous one has slowed down because she'd rather be playing; maybe she's testing her newfound independence. Teething also can make your baby lose interest in food" -> mmg aqeel love to teething..sume dia nak teething..kerusi, pn dia nak teething..ish ish ish..mcm anak hulk plak;p

9) can sleep on the bed..but only at night..siang jgn harap ler..mesti nak masuk buaian..but we try to train him slowly.. the best thing, he only want to sleep wth me..even his ayah pn dia xmau..but when he sleeping..xkisah dah..
10) emm i think i should stop here..if i make a list it can be 3-4 pages..;p

so..about the celebration..i was doing a small makan2 within famili members..since ayah's besday is 24th Nov and Aqeel is 26th so i just combine the celebration..guess what..ive made a cheesecake for them..proud of myself..hehehe..i'll story in next entry completely wth photos;)

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