Monday, January 5, 2009

cheese tart


welcome another manic monday..yess i am so lazy rite now..dunno y..before log in to blogging, so many ideas play around in my mind..but suddenly......%*^ black out..hmmm...neway..lets watchout my cheezzee tart..yummmy..(tgk gambo je la yek..maleh nak taip recipe..hehehe..kalu ade baru edit recipe..pun tgk kerajinan:D)
alkisah..taiyib..tersebutla kisah..taiyib..di suatu ptg yg hening..taiyib...(hehehe..crazy of me.. :D) actually my intention ( formal jek) was to finish up the balance of topping cheese (remember i baked a carrot cake topping wth cheese) haaaaa..thats lead to the making of cheese tart.. (ade la dlm seminggu lebih topping cheese tu terperap dlm fridge:D) so i make use of it as a filling..and know what..the taste was great..hahaha..perasan lagik;p and the best part is my hubby love it --> it was really my pleasure;) toing**toing**...(me: aku di awang-awangan..ekekek) even tho it doesnt' look as nice as selling at the bakery..but..hehehe..ape ade pada rupa;p



~ choclate cheese tart...supposed to be blueberry cheese tart but as using my creativeness to replace the outstock blueberry..kuikuikui:D ~


maylyn said...

hrmmmm macam layan jek cheese tarts tuh...dh lama xbaking aduh kebizian la lately:(

Suziey Ahmad said...

maylyn: uish mmg layan alyn..sedap..ala ikut resipi msti la jadi kan:D
me too..kebizian bkn onwards..uwaaa...

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