Thursday, January 29, 2009

steambot @ tupai2


firstly hepi CNY to those who celebrating it :) so..last Sunday hubby took me (including my BIL) to the steambot @ tupai2 restaurant (mlm ni ler cina mkn besar nak smbut CNY..hehe..kitorang pn nk nyebok gk:D) but most of the customer are malay ok! (its olwiz like tht..xkira sape pny raye..melayu pasti top ranking celebrate it) ok back to d story..we reached at tupai2 almost 9pm..hmm not so la..3 times we're changing the table just becoz to find out the most strategic location :D (brother yg serve kitorang tu dh buat muka toye dh..:p) but i don't care..ha this is the weakness of the restaurant..the table is sooo small (for me la:D)..if u are couple then's just nice but when u're wth the baby especially, it's quit space! i need big space for my baby's stuff..then we need to locate the steambot bowl (ape ek panggil menatang tuh??yg untuk mask steambot tu:D) ha tht thing must be put far away frm the baby..(dh le my aqeel suke sgt memanjang2kan tgnnya yg comel itu utk mencpai sume khazanah yg ade di depan matanya..pheww**) then include our dinner plate..ha full table dah..hmm..i am thinking of posting a comment to them. so tht they can improve it..maybe locate small side table purposely for the steambot bowl and all the cooking stuffs..should i :D (ngengada je kan..mcm slalu pegi:p) ooo btw, this is our 1st time:) okla..nothing much to dissappointed of..

eating eating eating! we tried all the dishes and end up wth eskrem..emm nyam nyam nak pcah perut la jgk melantak:D but overall okla..worth cost rm28 per wht! compared to nelayan..i think tupai2 much better..for me la..len org len persepsinye..

so we manage to snap few photos (xbyk sgt..sibuk mkn:D)..enjoy it :)

p/s: thanx so much hubby blanja mkn..nnti bwk tpt len plak eh:D i love u:*

~posing dulu:D~

~hubby n aQeel~

~ni baru 1st round..many round to go:D~

~slamat dh udang2 tu kena steam:p anyway..kuah tu nama dia coconut tom yam which they made the tom yam using a coconut..ala rs tom yam jek..xde pn rs klapa tu:D~

~its me tgh concentrate eating..dhla dok btol2 sblh steam bowl tu..bpeluh2 i tau..panas..huhu..~

~guess what aQeel is doing? i just give him a spoon of eskrem..hoyeay..tu muka thn sejuk..grrrr..~

**end of the story..we're really enjoying the blissful nite :)

**and the day of CNY, we're having mkn2 again..ths time wth my family..i am cooking SOTO AYAM n KUAH KACANG and also CHOC MOIST CAKE :)..unfortunately, we didn't snap even 1 photo of my SOTO AYAM..huhu..nxt time la when i did it again i will remind my self to take the pohot then we can share the recipe..(it was our, me n hubby faveret tau!)


I-sya said...

aku tiga kali ke tupai2 dalam tempoh 2 bulan. besday aku, then besday my dad n besday my MIL. huh...mmg pecah perut. pd aku nila restoran steambot yg ok. biasa aku mkn kat gerai china tp got HALAL cert la.

Suziey Ahmad said...

camarputih: aah aku pn rs tupai2 paling best antara sume steambot..nelayan dh mls nak dh xbest

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