Wednesday, January 16, 2013

durian crepe


i remember when this durian crepe phenomenon was hot in d market..everywhere ppl will talk about it..and everywhere you can find it easily...nice to see..especially those wth shocking block colors.. :) have you tried strawberry crepe & kiwi crepe? i've tried once.. but seriously i can't go through doesn't suits my for others i have no says :)

  ~even it is easy to do but i prefer to just buying it..ngeh..ngeh..ngeh:p~

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nad said...

Fenomena crepe dh diganti dgn fenomena listen..opss! =)

wantie said...

betul tu suziey. Aku pun suka yang durian je. kalau lain lain tu memang aku tak boleh nak telan.

walaupun yang coklat. tetap tekak aku tak boleh terima. Hanya durian yg menjadi idaman tekak. hehehehe

mama tisya said...

aku baru try mango crepe lps durian crepe..prisa lain blum lg

Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...

aku pun..tak leh lepas tekak kalau mkn byk2..mcm mual,

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