Wednesday, January 16, 2013

another pink item collection


i am away frm office for 2 days training.yeehaaa..vacationers in da house...ekekek:D

anyway..just to share wth u new collection of pinky item...tadaaaaaa...

when i told hubby to buy a goggle for me..1st option i gave him was i want in a pink color! but im not hopping for it coz i thot it is rare color for a goggle...but surprisingly he managed to get it...yeayyyy....:)

so now swimming is our weekend's activity.. ^_^
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Z.u.r.a and I.w.a.n said...

slmt menjalani training my fren..

wahhh best ada google pink, sian aku tak pandai swim..tgk org swim je la..haha

mama tisya said...

wah2 nk p swimming kt hotel mana tu?apa2pn kalo ada FM jgn lupa...hahaha

Nurhayati said...

lama tak swimming huhu

Gieyana said...

swimming mmg best! Jom lawan berenang..ekekeke

mamaarifakeemaisy said...

cumels... ^_^


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