Thursday, July 24, 2008

something new...

hmm..this is my first entry..SOMETHING NEW for can i get involve in this 'thing'???i duno how and i think this is a it??i duno..all i know is i just bump into it when clicking my fren's blog site (sape syu ler) and suddenly required me to register.. i thought it just a normal registration..(am thinking maybe its new security that my fren done to her blog..)and suddenly i am a new blogger this is the result..
**kena asah balik la skill karang mengarang cite dongeng aku nih**


Anonymous said...

Welcome, welcome
aku takut nanti ko jadi addicted jek pasni...hihi

Anonymous said...

wah..dah ada blog skrang ni no..ada kemajuan..lepas ni kena rajin menaip sempat ke nak menaip..nak buat assignment master lagi..nak jaga si comel tu lagi..ditambah pulak ayah si comel tu lagi..hehe..apapun..teruskan usaha mu ini..gud luck!

-zalehaj- said...


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