Friday, July 25, 2008

lunch @ chilis BSC

Today lunch @ chilis-BSC..wth my colleague Atie n Ct + Mr Ng (our supplier). Actually Ng was celebrated Atie (farewell ekcelli) for leaving the company. Me n CT just step a foot la org ckp;p The food was good but today is not our luck bcoz we hv to wait about half an hour..Friday lunch time = peak hour. So I just order Country Fried Chicken + milo..actually it was not as what I want to..i was thinking to order grilled chicken but I wrongly mention the menu title…so that’s what I get..excatly like KFC..xsedap..the worst thing is the chicken was a breast part..which I hate so much..letih la nak kunyah..isi sesaja..hehehe:D however the mashed potato is ok..hmmm the best thing eating @ chilis = can refill the drinks unlimited. Kembong la jgk perut minum air..ok enough on food part.

Next..on the way back..we stop @ body shop outlet..its just the rite time which I plan to buy a new perfume since my last drop of perfume was past 2 months I guess..and my choice is the new arrival = AQUA LILY..the smell is soooo nice..and as per expectation, the price definitely increase..for 30mL perfume oil = RM69 which previously only RM50++.the promotion is buy 3 items get 10% discount. So I combine the perfume wth CT’s body scrub n eye shadow, becomes 3 we are entitle for the 10% discount..and my perfume only cost RM62 nett. Know what..the funny thing was, we are not provided wth the plastic bag..we have to pay for the paper bag as their campaign was “safe green earth + charity”…and its cost us 50cent…the 50 cent will be donated to the charity organization. Its good to do the campaign but its look like we are forcing to do so. If you don’t want to pay for the paper bag, then you have to carry all the things by yourself.. if 3 items still ok..just imagine more than 5 items…how?????

So..thats all folks..till finger meet keyboard (mcm pepatah till pen meet ni IT sket la;p)..dadaaa..;)

Ceriakan harimu dgn senyuman…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aah betul tu!
Pelik bile beli2 barang tapi takde plastik bag. Sib bek aku beli perfume gak, kecik jek botolnya, so leh just sumbat dalam handbag aku.Rasa macam beli barang kat kedai RM2 jek. Kedai RM2 pun bg bag cantik2. Huh.

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