Saturday, July 31, 2010

children photo contest


hmm rs cam dh lama xmasuk contest..jom marathon hr ni..since ths weekend hubby g camping kt nk fill up the emptiness..join contest la..


ni aku petik dr kata2 penganjur..judging criteria will be based on photo quality, naturalness & overall impression..ade lg..gbr tu msti clear picture wth no red eye, no enhancement/altered & upper body shots are best..hmm..aku rs memenuhi la criteria2 ni kot..hehe..

so here u go..

 muhammad harraz aQeel bin abbashah
2.8 years
26th Nov 2007

nk join click sini..


e.l.i.z.@ said...

hehhehe petik ye :P

gud luck! br gak wat entri heheh

Farra Dhelina said...

gdluck!! semua tgh maraton submit contest kan?? ekekeke

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